Youth Council

We want people aged 15-25 who show up, interact and engage with discussion, are passionate about something and are flexible and committed. You don't have to have all the answers or the experience, but you've got to be keen to grow. We want a mix of: action people, ideas people and creative people. If you have qualifications, that's superb, but you don't need them if you have the right attitude.

Check out our Proposal for the Establishment of a Timaru District Youth Council for details on what the Youth Council is, how it will operate, and how to be nominated.

Please note:

  • Lunch time question and answer sessions will be held at all Secondary Schools - see individual schools for details.
  • Public meetings around Youth Council will be held 9 September and 16 September at 7:00pm, in the Council Chambers (2 King George Place, Timaru)

For more information contact

Anthony Brien
Timaru District Councillor
027 623 7158