Fire Restrictions - Mid-South Canterbury Area

Published: 28 Feb 2017

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to the provisions of Section 22.2 of the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977 the following fire season is in force from midnight TUESDAY 28 FEBRUARY 2017 until further notice.

A RESTRICTED FIRE SEASON in the whole area of the Mid-South Canterbury Rural Fire district between the Rakaia River to the Waitaki River, sea to the Alps.

During the Restricted Fire Season it is an offence to light any fires in the open air unless a permit has been obtained with the exception of:

  1. Ashburton District – Crop Residue Burning Crop residue burning in the Ashburton District will be as per the February 2017 Federated Farmers Code of Practice. Please note special conditions apply this year. All users should download a copy of the above code from the Ashburton District Council website or Federated Farmers website .
  2. Barbecues lit in properly constructed containers and fuelled with gas, solid or liquid fuel; and cooking fires at camping sites lit within a concrete or stone surround no larger than 1 metre in diameter; all with not less than 3 metres of ground surrounding the container cleared of all combustible material.
  3. Approved Incinerators used for the disposal of household rubbish with an area of not less than 3 metres cleared of all combustible material.  PROVIDED:  that no such fires shall be lit when high or gusty winds are prevailing.
  4. A ban on all fires on any day or days of extreme fire hazard as broadcast under Section 20 of the Act takes precedence over this notice.
  5. In all cases, a person lighting a fire within these provisions shall remain in attendance at the  fire until it is fully extinguished.
  6. It is no legal defence against claims for damage caused by the fire that the fire was of type or lit at a time permitted by this notice.

PLEASE NOTE:     The above exceptions do not apply to the Te Moana Gorge Area.

For further information or permits within the above area please contact the Mid-South Canterbury Rural Fire Authority at telephone (03) 687 7200.

24 hours notice is required for issue of permits.  Inspections may be carried out to ensure landowner compliance with permit conditions.

Permittee’s are advised that the Mid-South Canterbury Rural Fire Authority has a policy of cost recovery wherever possible.  In the permittee’s own interest it is advisable to have public liability and fire suppression insurance suitable for the land conditions.

R.A. Hands  


Fire Restriction Map 28 February 2017