Applying for a Building Consent and/or a Project Information Memorandum (PIM)

When do you need to apply?

An owner intending to carry out building work must, before the building work begins, apply for a building consent, or have their agent (eg builder or project manager) apply on their behalf. It is wise to do this at least two months prior to undertaking the work to allow for processing time and the provision of any additional information that may be required.

Where do you apply?

It is preferred that you lodge your application in person at the Timaru main office where the Duty Building Officer may be able to give assistance and check the application for completeness. However, you may drop your application into the Geraldine or Temuka Service Centres for forwarding to the Building Unit. You may also lodge your application by post to:

  • Building Unit
    Timaru District Council
    PO Box 522
    Timaru 7910
Main Office Timaru Temuka Service Centre Geraldine Service Centre
Duty Building Officer
Timaru District Council
2 King George Place
Temuka Library, Service and Information Centre
72-74 King Street
Geraldine Library, Service Centre
78 Talbot Street

Project Information Memorandum (PIM)/Planning Approval/Resource Consents

Along with a building consent, the applicant may also decide to apply for a project information memorandum (PIM). This may be sought prior to the building consent, which is often the wise option, or concurrently with a building consent. The applications for building consent and/or a PIM are made on the same form.
A PIM provides information about land and the requirements of other Acts that might be relevant to the proposed building work, including compliance with the District Plan, heritage status, the status and availability of services, etc.

A Services Consent is required for all works carried out associated with Council owned assets systems including public water, sewer and stormwater supplies (eg connections, disconnections, additional units) and any work affected roads and footpaths, including berms.

It may also advise resource consent requirements. You can also contact Timaru District Council Duty Planner on 03 687 7271 for clarification. If a resource consent is required, you are strongly advised to obtain this before seeking a building consent to avoid possible expensive changes to your proposal.

Approval from Environment Canterbury Regional Council is required for any discharge to land from a stormwater or septic system. This may be Permitted Activity approval or it may require a resource consent - discharge.

Information Sheets / Application Forms / Checklist and Processing Sheets

Refer to Information Sheets and also to Forms and Checklists for all of the Application Forms and Checklist and Processing Sheets you require for your project.

Supporting Information Requirements

Refer to What supporting information do you need to furnish?