Code Compliance Certificates & Certificates for Public Use

Code Compliance Certificate

Code Compliance Certificate considerations are pursuant to Section 94 and 436 of the Building Act 2004.

An Application for Code Compliance Certificate must be made as soon as practicable after the completion of ALL consented building work. This also includes all drainage and hard surfacing as indicated on the submitted plans.

When the CCC application has been received, there is a statutory requirement for the BCA to issue the CCC within 20 working days. Should the Council require further information before the CCC can be issued, the application will be suspended until that information is provided. A "stop the clock" system is used during the suspension to keep track of the 20 working day time period for the processing of the application.

Should no application for Code Compliance Certificate be made within two years of the date the building consent was granted, or any further period that may be agreed between the owner and the Council, the Council must decide whether or not to issue the CCC. We are therefore keen to hear from you if your construction is going to be held up for any reason. It may be necessary to request a Time Extension by completing Application for Extension of Time.

In addition to satisfying the requirements, all fees, eg for additional inspections, amendments, development contributions, must be paid for prior to the issue of a Code Compliance Certificate.

Restricted Building Work and CCC

Section 92 of the Building Act states that the owner/CCC applicant must include with a CCC application, any Memorandum (Record of Building Work) provided by LBPs.

It is the responsibility of the trade LBPs to ensure their Memorandum (Record of Building Work) identifies all of the RBW that they have constructed/altered.

It is the responsibility of the owner to include all records of work which collectively identify all the RBW in the CCC application.

Extension of Time

If it looks like you will not be able to commence building within 12 months of the issuing of the consent or complete ALL works within the two year period, then a Time Extension is required. You should make an Application for Extension of Time.

Certificate for Public Use

If you have a commercial building that has had the work completed in an area to which the public require access, but no CCC has been granted, you may apply for a Certificate for Public Use.