Compost & Green Waste

Compost Facility

The composting site, the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, is located at the Redruth Eco-Centre. The site processes greenwaste, foodwaste and paper waste eg soiled paper and shredded paper from the green bins, transfer stations and commercial greenwaste. The site is owned by Council.

A full explanation of the composting process is contained in the One Planet ebook.

For a talk about or tour of our composting facility, please contact Council on 03 6877 200.

Composted Product and Availability





Pleasant Point


20 litre bags

12mm-suitable for veges and flower beds

Lawn Conditioner
20 litre bags

Very fine- lawns only

Bulk 1/3 m³

12mm-suitable for veges and flower beds


Bulk 1/3 m³

25mm- suitable as mulch


Compost Sales

As set by Waste Management Ltd

  • Bags available at all transfer stations
  • Bulk compost available at Timaru, Geraldine and Temuka Transfer Stations
Type $
20 L bag - Premium5.00
20 L bag - Lawn Conditioner 10.00
Standard per tonne (minimum charge $20.00)100.00
Premium per tonne (minimum charge $24.00) 120.00

Quality and Guidelines

Timaru Eco-Compost meets the NZ Compost Standard NZS 4454:2005.  Read the brochure for details on application and health advice.