The following table is a summary of currently proposed capital projects.

Project Explanation Time period (est.)
RF1 Structural Bridge renewals Replacement of bridges at the end of their useful life, with bridges strengthened where necessary. Planned for replacement in 2013/14 are Brookfield Road, Wisely Road and Hall Road together with a number of bridges to have some structural components replaced to extend the useful life. 2013/14
RF2 Pavement Rehabilitations Reconstruction of roading at the end of its design life to ensure maintenance costs are reduced. Roads planned for 2013/14 are Victoria and Browne Streets in Timaru, sections of Earl Road and sections of Badham Road. 2013/14
RF4 Sign Renewals Replacement of damaged, stolen or vandalised road signage and signage that has reached the end of its design life 2013/14
RF5 Minor Improvement Works General improvements to the roading network, such as safety improvements, upgrades or new cycleways. 2013/14
RF6 Kerb and Channel renewals Renewals of kerb and channelling districtwide, including enhancements to create safer speed environments 2013/14
RF7 Maintenance Chipseal renewals Renewals of chipseal road surfaces across the district. 2013/14
RF8 Asphaltic Surfacing renewals Renewals of asphaltic road surfaces (hot mix) across the district. 2013/14
RF9 Unsealed Road Metalling renewals Renewals of road metal on unsealed roads across the district. 2013/14
RF10 Culvert renewals Replacement of small culverts that have reached the end of their design life 2013/14
RF11 Seal Extensions Seal extension of unsealed roads, where appropriate 2013/14
RF12 Seal Widening Seal widening of roads across the district. 2013/14
RF13 Street lighting and Lantern renewals Replacement of street lighting, including lanterns across the district. Also included are subdivision contributions where required 2013/14
RF14 Footpath renewals Renewals of footpaths across the district, including Geraldine, Temuka, Timaru and rural townships 2013/14
RF15 District Central Business District (CBD) renewals Refreshment of district CBDs, including furniture, paving, alterations to public spaces and enhancements. Planned for 2013/14 is initial scoping of the upgrade to identify options in consultation with businesses and users. 2013/14
RF16 Parking Infrastructure renewals Replacement of parking infrastructure, including pay and display machines, control equipment and car parking resealing. 2013/14
RF17 New kerb and channel/culverts Installation of kerb and channel or culverts where none currently exists. Planned for 2013/14 is an extension of the kerb & channel in Seadown Road. 2013/14
RF18 New street lighting Installation of new poles and streetlights, particularly where undergrounding of power cables occurs 2013/14
RF19 New signs Installation of new signage across the district, generally safety focused. 2013/14
RF20 New footpaths Construction of new footpaths across the district, including Geraldine, Temuka and Timaru. Community Boards determine rural townships projects. 2013/14
RF22 Factory Road bridge widening Conversion of the existing Factory Road bridge to two lanes, including strengthening. 2013/14
RF23 Temuka roading upgrade Upgrading of Temuka - Waitohi Road to urban road status. 2013/14
RF25 Washdyke Network improvements Construction of a new road link between Meadows Road and Elginshire Road to improve traffic efficiency allowing traffic from Meadows Road to access State Highway 1 via the Seadown Road signalled intersection. 2013/14
RF27 Identity Signage replacements Planned are Welcome to Timaru signage and Geraldine signage. 2013/14
RF28 Miscellaneous Roading and Footpaths projects Planned are installation of security cameras ($40k), replacement of Geraldine Christmas decorations ($2.5k), bus shelter relocations ($10k) and replacement of Land Transport unit equipment ($8k). 2013/14