Food Act Fees


The Food Act 2014 came into force on 1 March 2016 replacing previous food legislation. As part of the new Food Act, local authorities are required to set fees for the registration, administration, monitoring and enforcement of food premises in the district.

The Food Act has shifted from an inspection based regime to a risk based and audit approach. Operators are audited against their own Food Control Plan to ensure compliance. The new model encourages good performance through a reduced frequency of audits (or verifications) for good operators, and conversely an increased frequency of audits for poor operators.

You can read about the Food Act here.

Food Act Proposed Fees

Councils can charge fees to recover the direct and indirect costs of providing Registration, Compliance and Monitoring and Verification/Auditing under the Food Act.

Food Act Fees are being set across the three Councils in South Canterbury – Mackenzie District Council (MDC), Timaru District Council (TDC) and Waimate District Council (WDC), Fees have been drafted using the new legislation, and considering the following factors - Community input, Equity, Efficiency, Justifiability and Transparency.

The fee structure proposed is a mixed model where some fees are fixed and others are flexible (based on an hourly rate). The proposal provides some certainty about costs for operators, is transparent and set at a level to recover no more than the actual cost of providing the service. You can read the Statement of Proposal below:

Make a submission


The proposal is now open for your feedback. To let us know what you think:

  • Make your submission online here (quick and easy!)
  • Download the submission form and send it into Council
  • Email your submission to
  • Write us a letter and send to Food Act Fees Submission, Freepost Authority No. 95136, PO Box 522, Timaru 7940

Comments are welcome from Thursday 14 April to 5pm, Monday 16 May.

Submissions will be considered by a Joint Committee of the three District Councils who will make recommendations to the respective Council’s about the new fees structure.

Food Act Fees consultation process

The consultation timetable is:

14 April 2016Submissions open
16 May 2016Submissions close at 5pm
Week of 30 May
(date to be confirmed)
Joint Committee of MDC, TDC, and WDC considers submissions
June 2016Council decisions on fees to be charged
1 July 2016New fees apply

Supporting Information

Below is supporting information related to the Food Act Fees:

Proposed Food Act Fees

1) New Registration

FCP – single site$150 fixed fee plus $150 per hour after the first hour
FCP – multi site$225 fixed fee plus $150 per hour after the first hour
NP$150 fixed fee plus $150 per hour after the first hour
Consultancy (optional) - new business set up assistance/pre opening visit$150 per hour
FCP Mentoring (optional)$300 fixed fee

(2) Registration Renewal

12 month renewal - FCPs single site$150 fixed fee
12 month renewals - FCPs multi site$225 fixed fee
24 month renewals - NPs$200 fixed fee
FCP Mentoring$300 fixed fee

(3) Compliance and Monitoring

FCP – annual (incl those FCPs registered before 1 March 2016)$75 fixed fee
NP – 24 month$150 fixed fee

(4) Verification (Audit)

FCP – single site audit$300 fixed fee
FCP – multi site audit$300 fixed fee plus $150 per hour after the first 2 hours
FCP Audit close-out over 15 minutes$150 per hour
NP1 Check (one-off)$150 per hour
NP2 Audit – 3 yearly$150 per hour
NP3 Audit – 2 yearly$150 per hour

(5) Complaint driven investigation

Complaint resulting in issue of improvement notice by Food Safety Officer and its review$150 per hour plus actual travel costs and disbursements

(6) Exemption

Application & Assessment$150 per hour

(7) Travel Charges ( applied to the fees above as appropriate)

Zone One: (Timaru District Council)$10 fixed charge per visit
Zone 2: (Mackenzie District Council)$55 fixed charge per visit
Zone 3: (Waimate District Council)$30 fixed charge per visit
Actual Travel CostsWhere applicable, charged at 85cents per km plus staff travel time at $150 per hour

For food operators still operating under the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974, some changes are also proposed to fees for TDC and MDC.