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Research and Reports

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Timaru DC City Hub resident perceptions Survey

To complete the City Hub Strategy project, an important part of the Timaru District Council's Long-Term Plan (LTP) 2021-31, sound research was required across the district to gather residents' views, ideas and aspirations for the city centre of Timaru. The research provided a mechanism for residents to identify and prioritise their preferred purposes for the city centre and the activities/experiences they wished to have there. The research findings will serve as input and guidance for significant investment decisions for the city centre.

Beca City Hub Stakeholder Summary Report

We held four stakeholder engagement workshops in late 2020 in Timaru. These were attended by over 120 people, representing over 30 community, private and government groups. The workshops were structured to ‘walk through’ a common and shared understanding of the challenges and the main themes for the city hub strategy project to develop.This report details that.

City Hub Newsletter Update

This newsletter provides an update on all things City Hub as of 2020 and significantly introduces it as an open consultation for the Long Term Plan 2021-2031

City Hub Media Release 2020

The Timaru City Hub Strategy Project has taken a major step forward with the appointment of project manager.

CBD Summit Outcomes Report

This report captures the highlights of two workshops that were held on the 22nd and 23rd of February to assist the development of a CBD plan for Timaru. Close to 100 property owners, business owners and CBD stakeholders attended the evening and morning workshops held at the Landing Services Conference Centre.

Town Centre Study

The purpose of this report is to examine the issues and opportunities faced by the District’s town centres and to subsequently present options to address those matters.

City Hub Media Release 2019

Using every tool at the Council’s disposal to ensure Timaru City remains a vibrant hub for the community long into the future is the aim of a new steering group.

Terms of Reference Project Steering Group:

This document describes the terms of reference for the City Hub Strategy Project Steering Group. It documents the expectations of members and sets out the mechanics of Steering Group meetings to support the successful delivery of the project.

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