What's happening at the moment?

City Hub Strategy

What's Happening Now?

  • Appointment of consultants to lead the creation of the Urban Master Plan.
  • Earthquake Prone Buildings Toolkit: The team is currently working on an information and support toolkit for current or prospective owners of Earthquake Prone Buildings. Consultation on the toolkit will invite feedback on the scope, quality of information and on additional measures Council could take to support owners with bringing their buildings up to the standard.

What's happening later?

  • MyWay Parklet Trial: This is aiming to create an attractive, sheltered, well serviced seating area in the City Centre for pick-ups and drop-offs for the MyWay by Metro on demand transport service.
  • Timaru Parking Strategy: The parking strategy will be a full review of the parking requirements across the District, looking at how we can balance the needs of accessibility to our centres while ensuring they are pleasant places to be. A specific Parking Management Plan will be developed for the Timaru CBD taking into account its unique requirements.
  • Paving surface review: We’ll be reviewing the paving surfaces throughout our main centres to ensure they meet the needs of our changing community.

Other related Council Projects:

  • District Plan Review: Timaru District Council is current reviewing its 2005 District Plan. If you own land, the District Plan controls what type of activities you can do on that land, what you can build, how high and certain aspects of the design. This includes city centre property.
  • City Cultural Centre: The council is currently redeveloping Timaru’s Theatre Royal and building a new collocated museum. The project elevate arts, culture and heritage within the district and will be a major urban redevelopment project.

Last updated: 14 Jan 2022