Geraldine Strategy


Geraldine Community Board is developing a strategic plan to guide the future direction of our area.

The current vision of the Geraldine Community Board is for Geraldine to “protect and enhance the character of Geraldine,
its lifestyle opportunities for residents of all ages and its attractiveness as a visitor destination”.

The following key objectives have been identified

  1. Protect and enhance community lifestyles and opportunities (intergenerational appeal and suitability)
  2. Promote and enhance health, safety and social connectivity
  3. Protect and improve facilities and amenities for residents
  4. Protect and enhance the natural environment
  5. Protect and enhance cultural values (including heritage and history
  6. Protect and enhance recreation and tourism opportunities
  7. Protect and enhance creative activity and connection
  8. Protect and promote a sustainable and diversified local economy
  9. Promote strategic and balanced community input to Community Board and Council decision making

We'd love to hear what you think.

What are the great things about living in the Geraldine, Woodbury, Peel Forest and Orari areas? What would make living here even better? Ideas Boards, Ideas Boxes and postcards are out at the Woodbury Cafe,  Mes Amis in Orari, Green Man Cafe in Peel Forest and the Academy, Rescource Centre, Village Inn and library in Geraldine and we'd love to know your thoughts and ideas!

Your thoughts will be used to inform the development of community strategy for our area so we can all continue to thrive!

You can also have your say at or click the box below