Spaces & Places Review


Local sport and active recreation groups, and the wider community are being urged to help shape the future of sport and active recreation facilities across South Canterbury as part of a new regional project.

Sport Canterbury and the Mackenzie, Timaru and Waimate District Councils are working together with Trust Aoraki and the Mid-South Canterbury Community Trust to develop the ‘South Canterbury Spaces and Places Plan’.

The plan will identify and prioritise sport and recreation facility needs, and is the first time it has been undertaken across the region. The plan will be an open document for Councils, Funders and others to use to inform and guide the region’s investment into future sport and active recreation spaces.

The project partners have engaged GLG (Global Leisure Group), leading sport and recreation facility planning consultants, to assist with the plans’ development.


What’s the purpose of the plan?The purpose of the plan is to identify and prioritise the future sport and active recreation facility needs for the South Canterbury region.  When complete the plan will inform and guide the region’s future investments into sport and active recreation provisions, striving for cost effectiveness and efficiency ultimately enabling all South Cantabrians to lead active, healthy, enjoyable lifestyles.

Who are the key partners involved?The key partners involved are Sport Canterbury, the Mackenzie, Waimate and Timaru District Councils, Trust Aoraki and the Mid-South Canterbury Community Trust.

What sport and active recreation activities are covered?The plan will cover a wide range of sport and active recreation activities currently on offer in the South Canterbury region, from traditional structured sports (e.g. rugby, netball, tennis, hockey etc.), to outdoor active recreation (e.g. mountain biking, horse riding, rowing, water sports, snow sports), and less traditional casual informal active recreation activities (e.g. Ultimate frisbee, Futsal).
The plan does not include passive recreation activities (picnicking, reading books), commercial gym and fitness centres, active transport, and art and culture provisions.

When will it be completed?The intention is for the plan to be completed in September of this year (2017).

Will I/my group get the chance to provide input?Most certainly!  There will be an initial series of surveys targeted towards either identified sport or active recreation facility users (e.g. established groups), facility providers, and the wider community (including casual informal users).  The draft plan will also be made available for comment with people being able to view it on line, or at Council offices throughout the region.

Our group/club doesn’t own our facilities, can we still be involved?You sure can – anyone who lives in South Canterbury has the opportunity to have a say by completing the appropriate survey.  Facility users and non-users are just as important in this process as facility providers.

Our group/club has plans/ideas for our own facility improvements, what do we need to show that this project is needed?
We would appreciate being provided with as much detail as you are able to supply, such as;

  • What the improvements will entail, and evidence to support why they are needed
  • The groups and users that have been involved, and are in support of the improvements
  • What the benefits will be, and who will benefit
  • Potential funding sources
  • How the improvements would enhance and complement the overall provision of sport and active recreation spaces and places in South Canterbury.

Please make contact if you would like further clarification.

Who do we contact to make sure our group receives the online survey? Please call or e-mail Sport South Canterbury on (03) 686 0751 or to update your groups contact details, so you can receive the online survey link.

What will happen to projects identified in the plan?The intention is for projects identified in the plan to become key priorities for the project partners involved, and will be progressed as and when resources allow.

Why have you engaged a consultant?Consultants have been engaged to provide the project partners with impartial professional facility planning expertise. This will greatly assist the plans development, helping making sense of all the data collected, and providing options and recommendations for the region’s future sport and active recreation provision.

How will projects/facilities be identified & prioritised?Projects will be identified through the consultation and information gathering process and through research. The region’s unique attributes (e.g. access to lakes, rivers, mountains and the ocean) and the different communities within it, will also be taken into account.
Priorities will be established by comparing the projects against a broad set of assessment criteria.

Does this plan commit anyone to any project?The plan does not commit any organisation to a particular project. It will be a key guiding and reference document for all the project partners, who are committed to its development and to working together under the shared vision and direction it will create.  The plan will make clear recommendations, identifying partners responsible for overseeing the progression of particular projects.

How will projects/facilities be funded? Suggestions for how projects could be funded will be made in the plan, bearing in mind the plan will be a key reference document, providing guidance for all project partners, striving for a more efficient allocation and utilisation of existing resources. The final funding arrangements will ultimately be determined by the parties associated with each project and the suggestions will not be binding on any organisation.

How is the plan’s development being funded?The project partners are all contributing towards the plans development, further reinforcing their commitment to working together collaboratively for the benefit of the entire South Canterbury region.

Last updated: 16 Sep 2021