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Redruth Caledonian

Locality Timaru South, Map No. 7,Time 1 hour return trip

Start from the Patiti Point Reserve. Follow the road along the coast behind the Caledonian Grounds. This is a popular spot for surfers. Signs guide you onto the track through the sand dunes. The view spans the coast as far as Jack's Point where the Marine Department lighthouse stands. The coastline presented a challenge to early navigators and as recently as 1964 the Treneglos was grounded on the rocky reef which is exposed only at low tide.

Cross a sand and gravel bar which constrains the brackish water of Saltwater Creek. Following periods of high rainfall this bar is sometimes breached with excavators to allow the creek to exit to the sea and prevent flooding.

A weir is installed just upstream from the bend in the creek. This aids rowers and helps keep the water table high for the neighbouring wetland. A variety of waterfowl are evident at this point.

The track crosses the railway line and the footbridge takes you over the stream. Take care as several trains use this track daily. Follow the track to the left beside the river until you reach the Main South Road. To return retrace your steps.

To exit to Collins Street, turn right over the bridge and follow the grass track until you reach the sign to Collins Street.


  • Patiti Point is a rest and recreation site and features a historic trypot depicting the whaling history on the area.
  • There are also BBQ and picnic facilities here.
  • Occasional surfers can be seen in the surf below.
  • Expansive views back to Timaru and to the Hunters Hills, especially dramatic in winter.
  • Rowers from the Timaru Rowing Club practising on Salt Water Creek.
  • Variety of bird life, native and swamp plants.

Publish Date: 28 Mar 2014