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Anthony Brien

Anthony Brien

My principal place of residence is in the Timaru Ward.

As a resident in the District for 30 years, I was your Timaru District Council representative from 2013-2016 where I promoted a focus on economic development and debt reduction. Economic growth is important as this provides the district with jobs and funds services such as water, paths, roads, parks, etc.

However, while borrowing (debt) can be used to help grow the district, the district’s debt is in excess of $100 million and growing; we need a strategy to start reducing this to ensure we are in a good position for when debt interest rates increase – as this impacts our rates.

With no one-sector bias, I will continue to represent everyone in the district.

My solid business qualifications and governance experience ensures I bring innovative thinking, constructive questioning, robust debate and common sense to the table.

Vote BRIEN for a positive and sustainably progressive Timaru District.

Publish Date: 24 Jul 2017