Pleasant Point Gymnasium Fees

Hall / Facility Fees

Please note, all charges are GST inclusive unless indicated otherwise.

Pleasant Point Gymnasium

    The gymnasium is now leased to the Pleasant Point Community Health & Fitness Club Incorporated.  Fees and charges are set by the lessee.

  • Preparation time (must be arranged at the time of booking the facilities).
  • Hire (minimum hire charge of two hours per hire including preparation / pack out time).
Description2020/2021 (GST inclusive)
Bond – Dances, Socials, Cabarets including alcohol$750.00
Bond – Sports$50.00
Deposit – Dances, Socials, Cabarets$100.00
Meetings only$10.00
Sports only$6.00
Others - 
morning to 6.00pm$10.00
6.00pm to midnight$15.50
midnight to 2.00am$20.50
Hire Out Equipment From Gymnasium 
Tables$5.00 each per day
Chairs$0.50 each per day

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021