Council Committee & Subcommittee Remuneration Policy


1.0  Purpose

1.1 The purpose of this policy is establish the framework for the remuneration and payment of allowances to external members appointed to Timaru District Council committees and subcommittees.

2.0  Background

2.1 The Local Government Act 2002 (schedule 7, clause 30-31) provides that Council may appoint committees, subcommittees and other subordinate decision-making bodies, and may appoint a person who is not an elected member if that person has the skills, attributes and knowledge that will assist the work of the committee or subcommittee.

2.2 In accordance with these provisions, Council has appointed external members to committees and subcommittees of Council.

3.0  Key Definitions

Elected Member - includes elected Timaru District Councillors and Community Board Members.

Remuneration - financial consideration paid to members of a Council committee or subcommittee in accordance with this policy.

Committee/Subcommittee – those appointed by Council in accordance with schedule 7, clause 30 of the Local Government Act 2002. This includes any other subordinate decision-making body appointed under this clause regardless of the name of the body.

External Members - individuals, who are not elected members or employees of Timaru District Council, appointed to committees or subcommittees of Timaru District Council.

4.0  Scope

4.1 This policy applies to external members appointed to committees and subcommittees of Timaru District Council in accordance with schedule 7, clause 30 of the Local Government Act, as detailed in the Timaru District Council Delegations Manual.

4.2 This policy does not apply:

  • To elected members. Remuneration for elected members is determined by the Remuneration Authority. This includes payments for Resource Consent Hearings;
  • To members of the District Licensing Committee. The Minister of Justice determines fees payable to District Licensing Committee members;
  • To Timaru District Council officers appointed to a committee or subcommittee in their role as an officer;
  • To external members of working parties, panels or equivalent bodies not established in accordance with clause 30, schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002;
  • If remuneration is set by the Remuneration Authority, or by legislation;
  • If payment is made from other source (for example, if a professional consultant is paid by his or her employer to attend);
  • To appointments made by Council to an outside organisation;
  • If Council has formally resolved a different form of payment; or
  • If payments are made on a contractual basis, eg independent commissioner.

5.0  Policy - Terms of Appointment

5.1 Terms of Appointment will be provided to all external members of Council committees and subcommittees following appointment at the beginning of the local government triennium.  The Terms of Appointment will be at the discretion of the Mayor, in consultation with Council and the Chief Executive.

5.2 In determining the Terms of Appointment, the Mayor will consider the roles and responsibilities of members of each committee and subcommittee.

5.3 The Terms of Appointment will detail any remuneration or allowances payable to external members.

5.4 The Terms of Appointment and any remuneration and allowances will be valid for the triennium during which they are set.

6.0  Payment of Remuneration and Allowances

6.1 Appendix 1 details the remuneration and vehicle mileage allowance Council will pay to external members appointed to Council committees or subcommittees for the current triennium.

6.2 A vehicle mileage allowance may be claimed by external members when they are acting in their official capacity as a member of a Council committee or subcommittee. They are to be based on actual and reasonable costs.

6.3 All remuneration and vehicle mileage allowances claims are to be approved by the Chief Executive. All remuneration and vehicle mileage allowances must be claimed in a timely manner and will be paid through Council’s payroll system.

7.0  Policy Review

7.1 This Policy will be reviewed at least every three years, or as required.

7.2 This Policy does not cease to have effect because it is due for review, or being reviewed.

7.3 This Policy takes effect from the date it is formally adopted by Council.

Appendix 1

External Members Remuneration 2019-22

  • Audit and Risk Committee - $10,000 per annum plus disbursements
  • Environmental Services Committee, tangata whenua representative - $130.00 per meeting
  • Local Arts Scheme Committee - $130.00 per meeting
  • Youth Initiatives Subcommittee - $130.00 per meeting

Vehicle Mileage Allowance

Vehicle TypeFirst 14,000 km of eligible travelAfter 14,000km of eligible travel
Petrol or Diesel Vehicle79 cents per km30 cents per km
Petrol Hybrid Vehicle79 cents per km19 cents per km
Electric Vehicle79 cents per km9 cents per km

Adopted by Council 15 December 2020

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021