Elected Members Conferences, Seminars & Travel Policy


1.0  Purpose

This policy outlines the criteria and processes for Elected Member attendance at Conferences and Seminars.

2.0  Background

Elected Members are frequently required to attend conferences and seminars.

Financing the costs associated with attendance of these events is outlined in the Elected Members’ Allowances and Recovery of Expenses policy, which is approved by the Remuneration Authority prior to each local Authority election and is valid for the three year tenure of the Council.

3.0  Key Definitions

  • Elected Member – Mayor, Councillors and Community Board members.
  • Remuneration Authority - the independent body set up by Parliament to handle the remuneration of key office holders such as Judges, Members of Parliament, local government representatives, and some individual office holders and board members of independent statutory bodies.

4.0  Policy

4.1     The Chief Executive, the Mayor and up to three Councillors will be funded by Council to represent Council at Local Government New Zealand Conferences.

4.2     Council funding for Councillor attendance at conferences other than Local Government New Zealand conferences, courses and seminars requires approval by the Mayor who will consult with the Chief Executive on budgetary matters prior to making a decision.

4.3     Criteria

  • 4.3.1  Councillor attendance at a conference, seminar or course must be for the purpose of acquiring knowledge, including new developments, or transacting business that is appropriate to that Councillor.
  • 4.3.2  Costs of attendance must be able to be met within approved budgets.
  • 4.3.3  Councillors are required to discuss the suitability of the intended conference, course or seminar with the Mayor and/or the Chief Executive or appropriate Group Manager prior to seeking approval to attend.

4.4    Costs of partners/spouses attending conferences/courses/seminars will not be met by the Council except for partners accompanying delegates to the Local Government New Zealand conference when only the partners' registration fees will be paid by Council.

4.5    After attendance at an approved course/seminar/conference Councillors are required to provide a verbal or written report to the next Policy and Development Committee meeting, on relevant matters including course content, matters of interest to other Councillors and staff and an assessment of the value of the course.

4.6    Registration, travel and accommodation arrangements must be made by Council staff.

Adopted Policy & Development Committee 22 November 2016

Publish Date: 17 Jan 2017