Library Fees & Charges Policy


1.0  Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to identify and specify what library services and facilities shall be subjected to a fee or a charge and to indicate when and how such fees shall be determined.

2.0  Background

Fees and charges shall be determined by Council on an annual basis and be in accordance with the appropriate legislation and Council strategic direction.

The library offers a range of services and materials for which a charge is made as a condition of their use.

3.0  Key Definitions

  • Fees and Charges - Library fees and charges are levied under the Local Government Act 2002 and specified in the Council’s Annual Plan.
  • Subscription  - A lending library to which borrowers pay a membership fee either instead of or in addition to a specific charge for books borrowed.
  • Membership  - Library members are administered a library card that provides them with access and borrowing rights.
  • Fines - Library fines can also be know as late fees or overdue fees. A fine is an enforcement designed to ensure that materials borrowed are returned.

4.0  Policy

  1. No subscription fee is levied on Timaru District residents.
  2. The subscription fee for out of district adult members will be equivalent per household to the annual cost of the Library per ratepayer.
  3. No subscription fee will be levied on out of district children in view of the educational value of the service.
  4. No rental fee will be charged on books, DVD’s, PlayStation games or children’s music.
  5. A rental fee will be charged for adult music, while the current collection is maintained. The annual rental income contributes to the annual cost of purchases.
  6. A fee will be charged to recover the full cost (excluding labour) of Reserves, Interloans and Replacement Cards services.
  7. A fee will be charged to recover the full cost plus a minimum of 50% surplus for photocopying services.
  8. A fine will be levied for items returned after the due date based on an accumulating weekly penalty.

Adopted Community Development Committee 26 April 2016

Last updated: 23 Jun 2020