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Grass sportsfields availability

Published: 04 May 2018

Sportsfield status:

- The Timaru District Council advises that ALL grass sportsfields are now available for play until further notice.

It is important to recognise that when assessing the sportsfield it is the condition of the field rather than just the current weather that is the main concern.

Closure decisions are influenced by:

  • Soil type and drainage attributes of the particular field
  • Moisture levels in the soil profile and on the surface
  • Grass cover
  • Weather forecast
  • Amount and type of use expected on the coming weekend
  • When the decision is required
  • Current condition of the field
  • Duration field will be unplayable if damage occurs
  • Future use requirements (scheduled games), and
  • Likely repairs needed – time, materials, contractor availability and cost  along with funding availability

Publish Date: 04 May 2018