Extensions of Time

Building Consents & Project Information Memoranda (PIM's)

There are some instances where it may be necessary to apply for an extension of time once a building consent has been issued.

No Commencement of Building Work Within 12 Months

One such instance is where no building work to which a building consent relates has commenced within 12 months after the date of issue of the building consent.

If you have been issued a building consent under the Building Act 2004 and building work has not commenced with in the first 12 months then the building consent lapses and is of no effect. Accordingly, if you are likely to find yourself in this situation you can apply for an extension of time provided this is done before the 12 months are up.

Building Work Not Completed After 2 Years

Another instance where an extension of time may be relevant is when Code Compliance Certificates are being considered.

An Owner must apply for a Code Compliance Certificate as soon as practicable after the building work is completed. If no application for Code Compliance Certificate is made then the Council must decide whether to issue a Code Compliance Certificate at the expiry of two years after the date the building consent was issued. Accordingly if all the building work has not been completed, an extension of time can be applied for.

Application for extension of time must be signed by the land owner (or authorised agent).

There is a fee for considering the application.

Publish Date: 02 Apr 2014