Earthquake Prone, Dangerous & Insanitary Buildings


The Timaru District Council is required under Section 131 of the Building Act 2004 to adopt a policy on earthquake-prone, dangerous and insanitary buildings. The purpose of the policy is to reduce the level of risk to people from buildings considered to be earthquake-prone, dangerous or insanitary.

The policy must state:

  • The enforcement approach the Council will take in relation to "at risk" buildings
  • The Council's priorities for this approach
  • How the policy will apply to heritage buildings

In preparing this policy the Council has had regard to the legislative requirements and in particular the need to preserve the health and safety of the people of the district. At the same time, the Council has also been conscious of the potential social and economic impacts of a vigorous and pro-active approach to this issue. Therefore a passive approach has been adopted that meets the requirements of the legislation while emphasising a balance between community safety and economic welfare.

Copies of the Earthquake Prone, Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy are also available from Council.

  • The Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is in a submission stage regarding the proposed changes expected late 2014.