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Bylaw Chapters

Timaru District Consolidated Bylaw 2013

Chapters should be read in conjunction with Chapter 1.

Chapter 1: Introductory and Miscellaneous

Includes provisions and terms common to all bylaw chapters.

Chapter 2: Public Places

Regulates a diverse range of activities, including:

  • maintaining standards of public health and safety;
  • protecting the public from nuisances;
  • minimising the potential for offensive behaviour; and to
  • manage land associated with or under the control of the council for the wellbeing and enjoyment of the public.

Chapter 3: Trading in Public Places

Regulates the conduct of persons selling goods on streets, roads, footpaths, Council Property and other public places and using vehicles to sell goods and services to the general public.

Chapter 4: Liquor Ban in Public Places

Prohibits the control and possession of liquor in public places.

Chapter 5: Skateboards

Regulates the riding of skateboards and other similar devices on footpaths.

Chapter 6: Control of Dogs

Gives effect to the Timaru District Council Dog Control Policy 2013 by specifying the standards of control which must be observed by dog owners.

Chapter 7: Parks and Reserves, Beaches and Tracks

Allows for the use of parks, reserves, beaches and recreational tracks in a manner that will not impinge upon the enjoyment of others or cause damage to natural areas and improvements.

Chapter 8: Cultural and Recreational Facilities

Enables Council to control and set standards for the operation of the cultural and recreational facilities under the ownership or control of Council.

Chapter 9: Cemeteries

Regulates the purchase of plots, interment procedures, erection of structures and maintenance of cemeteries.

Chapter 10: Traffic

Provide rules and guidelines for the movement of traffic in the Timaru District.

Chapter 11: Traffic Speed Limits

Sets the speed limits on all roads within the Timaru district.

Chapter 12: Licences for Vehicle Stands on Streets

Enables control of those areas permitted to be used as vehicle stands and to outline conditions that can be imposed.

Chapter 13: Parking

Allows for areas where public parking is available and provide the rules and guidelines for these areas.

Chapter 14: Solid Waste

Provides for the regulation and management of kerbside collection, waste on commercial premises and regulates and monitors commercial waste operators and waste handling facilities in the district.

Chapter 15: Water Services

Enables Council to meet its statutory duties and obligations and to set standards of supply, installation, and control of water supply, stormwater drainage, sewerage and trade waste.

Chapter 16: Water Races

Define Council's requirements for water races and to provide for the protection of water races.

Chapter 17 - Demolition, Construction and Maintenance of Buildings and Site Works

Provide rules for the protection of the public and the environment, by ensuring that adequate protection provisions are made during demolition, construction, renovation and maintenance of buildings and site works.

Chapter 18: Apartment Buildings and Boarding Houses

Enables Council to meet its statutory duties and responsibilities and to monitor accommodation buildings to ensure that conditions do not arise that may compromise the health and safety of tenants, neighbours or the community at large.

Chapter 19: Revoked

Chapter 20: Fire Prevention Involving Vegetation

Regulates the fires involving vegetation inside an urban fire district.

Chapter 21: The Keeping of Animals, Poultry and Bees

Sets out the requirements for the keeping of animals, poultry and bees in urban zoned areas.

Chapter 22: Food Safety

Ensures that adequately trained operators work in all food premises throughout the district and establish requirements that all premises preparing food for sale shall have on the staff persons who are adequately trained in food hygiene and to ensure that registered operators maintain their premises in such a way that food safety is not compromised.

Chapter 23: Health Protection - Pools, Beauty Facilities, Skin Piercing and Tattooing

Apply rules to prevent the transfer of communicable diseases and infections in public swimming and spa pool facilities or from beauty facilities or skin piercing practices and allows for registration of premises and that certain standards of construction and operation are achieved and maintained.

Chapter 24: Airport Charges

Authorises Council to levy and collect charges for the use of the airport including all land and buildings.