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Secret Squirrel Satchels - Recycling Initiative


A new Kerbside collection initiative


Managing household items after use is necessary to improve resource recovery. Many household items including CDs and DVDs, X-rays, mobile phones, reading glasses and small electronics like iPods and calculators, go to landfill which not only affects ground water quality through leachate generation but also decreases landfill capacity.

We are excited to run a pilot for a new kerbside collection initiative called “Secret Squirrel Satchel” this year. The satchels will be allocated in the pilot but long term can be collected from Council customer services. The satchel, once completely full, should be placed in the yellow (recycling) wheelie bin.  Items like wine corks, CD/DVDs, jewellery, collectable cards and old coins will be for resale at the Crows Nest. Eyeglasses are going to be donated and remaining items will be sent for re-use and recycling.

What’s going in the Satchels?

  1. CD / DVDS
  2. Mobile phone / iPods
  3. Wine corks
  4. X-rays
  5. Eyeglasses
  6. Cables from devices
  7. Printer cartridges
  8. Household batteries
  9. Collectable cards e.g. Weetbix
  10. Jewellery / old coins / buttons
  11. Postage stamps

Project outcomes

Feel good factor to users, opportunity for volunteers to contribute. Project will help to recover resources and extend landfill life. This will also reduce cost of landfilling in long term.Lesser leachate generation will help to safeguard ground water quality.

Publish Date: 01 May 2018