Plastic Free July!

Waste Minimisation

Plastic Free July!

We know the stats and they are alarming.

  • There will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050
  • Only 9% of the plastic the world has produced has ever been recycled
  • New Zealanders produce on average 31 kilos of plastic packaging every year
  • Kiwis use 309 million single use coffee cups, 541 million straws and 105 million single-use bottles per year

The government has banned single use plastic bags and retailers and brands are looking at how they can redesign packaging to use less plastic. However, each and every one of us as individual consumers has a role to play. The choices we make regarding what we buy and how much we buy directly impacts the amount of rubbish and recycling that is created. That’s why we are supporting the Plastic Free July campaign which asks individuals to choose to refuse single use plastics.

So how can you get involved? Sign up here to take part in the challenge. If you are on social media, follow the challenge on Facebook and Instagram or show your commitment publically by using the Plastic Free July Facebook frame.

Talk to your work colleagues and organise a workplace challenge. It could be as simple as holding a plastic free morning tea or you could go deeper and carry out a workplace waste audit to identify the single use plastic items that could easily be replaced with reusable options. Check out our other ideas for activities you could do in your workplace.

For more information visit the Plastic Free July website.

Publish Date: 01 Jul 2019