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Draft Ecosystem & Indigenous Biodiversity Section Landowner Consultation

Landowners Consultation of Draft Ecosystem and Indigenous Biodiversity Section

Feedback Due on Monday 20 May 2019

Draft Ecosystem and Indigenous Biodiversity Section

The Draft provisions can be downloaded here.

Consultation Brochure

The brochure can be viewed here.

We have noticed that the rivers on the Bat Protection Area Map included in the Brochure have been wrongly labelled. We apologize for this error and a correct version of the map can be downloaded here.

Online feedback

To provide feedback online here.

Significant Natural Areas Fund

For information on Significant Natural Areas Fund, please go to the Significant Natural Areas Fund Page.

One-on-One Meeting

To book an one-on-one meeting, please browse to the available dates (currently the 8th and 9th of May only) and select the desired timeslot and follow the instructions. Please note bookings slot are 10 minutes each. You may book for up to 20 minutes for your one-on-one meeting. After receiving your booking request, one of our friendly staff will be in contact to confirm your booking.

Alternatively please contact Kaitlin Amos, Planning Administration Officer, on 03 687 7599 to make an appointment.

Publish Date: 01 May 2019