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Ecosystems and Indigenous Biodiversity Terminology

Sensitive Areas

Sensitive areas are areas that are:

  • within 50m of any wetland;
  • within 20m of:
    • mean high water springs (the coast)
    • the bank of any water body
    • any spring
  • at an altitude of 900m or higher;
  • on land with any average slope of 30 degrees or greater.

Matters will be considered in processing resource consents

  1. whether the ‘indigenous vegetation’ subject to the application is significant (as assessed against the criteria in Appendix 1)
  2. the condition and character of the ‘indigenous vegetation’
  3. the extent to which the ‘indigenous vegetation’ provides habitat for threatened, at risk or locally uncommon species
  4. the extent of any adverse effects on ‘indigenous vegetation’ and habitats of indigenous fauna
  5. whether the ‘indigenous vegetation’ provides habitat for indigenous species
  6. any adverse effects on the mauri of the site
  7. any adverse effects on mahinga kai
  8. any adverse effects on wāhi tapu or wāhi taonga
  9. the extent to which species diversity or habitat availability could be adversely impacted by the proposal
  10. the role the ‘indigenous vegetation’ plays in providing a buffer or corridor
  11. any potential for mitigation or compensation of adverse effects on ‘biodiversity’ values
  12. the economic effects on the landholder and the resources required to implement protection
  13. any site specific management factors to promote the restoration and enhancement of ‘indigenous vegetation’ and habitats
  14. any provision of mechanisms that assist in protection or enhancement of significant ‘indigenous vegetation’ such as QE II covenants and the use of ‘Biodiversity Management Plans’
  15. the benefits that the activity provides to the local community and beyond

Pest Species List

Acer pseudoplatanussycamore 
Ammophila arenariamarram 
Berberis darwiniiDarwin’s barberry 
Berberis glaucocarpabarberry 
Buddleja davidiibuddleia 
Clematis vitalbaold man’s beard 
Cotoneaster simonsiiKhasia berry 
Crataegus monogynahawthorn 
Erica lusitanicaSpanish heath 
Glechoma hederaceaground ivy 
Ilex aquifoliumholly 
Larix decidualarchabove 300m asl
Lupinus arboreustree lupinabove 300m asl
Lupinus polyphyllusRussell lupinabove 300m asl
Myricaria germanicafalse tamarisk 
Passiflora speciesbanana passionfruit 
Pinus contortacontorta pineabove 300m asl
Pinus mugomountain pineabove 300m asl
Pinus muricatabishop pineabove 300m asl
Pinus nigra subsp. laricioCorsican pineabove 300m asl
Pinus sylvestrisScots pineabove 300m asl
Pseudotsuga menziesiiDouglas firabove 300m asl
Salix cinereagrey willow 
Salix fragiliscrack willowabove 300m asl
Sorbus aucupariarowanabove 300m asl

Publish Date: 17 Apr 2019