Draft District Plan

District Plan

Tena Koutou - Welcome

The District Plan manages all land use and subdivision in the District. We have been reviewing the District Plan and have completed the first cut of a new draft District Plan. The official name for the Plan is 'Our Draft District Plan - He Po. He Ao. Ka Awatea', which means 'a new day'.

Our Draft District Plan - He Po. He Ao. Ka Awatea.

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Feedback on the Draft District Plan was open between 7 October to 31 December 2020. We have recieved a large number of feedbac through open days, meetings, letters, email and the online platform. Feedback received on the draft Plan can be viewed here.

We are continuing to work through the feedback and our informal consultation before we move into the formal consultation stage - the release of the Proposed District Plan.

District Plan Review-Process

District Plan Review - What, Why and How?

What is the District Plan?

The District Plan is required by the Resource Management Act (RMA) to manage all land use (how we use the land) and subdivision in the District. It contains objectives, policies, rules and standards to address issues and must achieve the RMA's goal of sustainability.

What is the District Plan Review?

The District Plan review is a review of the current District Plan that was completed in 2005. Council is required to review the District Plan every ten years. We started the District Plan review in 2015. The review must respond to new issues and align the District Plan with national and regional policy.

Why have a Draft Plan?

The Draft District Plan is Council's first cut at a new District Plan. It is not yet complete and is not formally proposed at this stage. Expect some details to be missing and the relationship between chapters to need further work. Development Area Plans have not been included in the Draft District Plan. Feedback on a draft will result in a better District Plan.

Why we want your feedback

Understanding your views is important to us and crucial to ensuring we create a great District Plan. Over the next year, the feedback will be used to refine the Draft Plan.

How was the Draft Plan made?

Public input from the issues and options phase was the starting point for writing the Draft Plan. Council then teamed up with Environment Canterbury and Te Runanga o Arowhenua to develop the draft provisions and has collaborated with many other stakeholders along the way.

How your feedback will be considered

Your feedback will be reviewed by staff/consultants and then discussed with elected members. The Draft District Plan will then be presented to the Council as a Final Draft for their agreement. The plan will then be formally notified as a Proposed District Plan for formal consultation.

Chapter Summaries

Click on the headings below to read a summary of each chapter of the Draft Plan. The approach to the issues addressed in the chapter, the reasons for any changes, and what this means in practice is explained.