Roads, Transport & Parking

The Council carries out monitoring both through Council staff and contractors. Monitoring is carried out on the roading network in order to:

  • Identify traffic safety hazards;
  • Identify work that fall outside the required specifications and standards;
  • Assess and programme work that is required to achieve the required levels of service;
  • Identify and programme work required;
  • Ensure that the Levels of Service specified are met;
  • Identify community / customers' requirements / expectations.

The roading network is inspected and monitored at sufficiently regular intervals to monitor the rate of asset deterioration, and to programme the required maintenance work so that the network remains within the minimum standards specified. To ensure that works are carried out to required standards by contractors, Council's engineers regularly monitor the quality of roading work undertaken.

Council also undergo information collection to assist with monitoring the roading network. These include but is not limited to:

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021