Where to Park

There are multiple off and on street parking available to the public. There are signs that direct drivers to these locations in the different towns in the District.

The Timaru District has four Parking Wardens with support staff. These staff are responsible for ensuring the restricted parking areas are shared to the advantage of the public.

The Wardens welcome inquires from any member of the public on parking or more general matters. Just ask they will be pleased to help if they can.

Using a Pay & Display Machine

All you do is park your vehicle, go to the controlling machine, and insert enough coins to provide you with the time you need which you can check on the display screen on the machine.

Once you have done this, press the print button firmly and extract your ticket.

Take the ticket to your vehicle and display it on the dashboard, taking care to make sure the expiry time and all other details can be easily read by any warden who checks the park.

That's all there is to it!

Using a Park & Pay Machine

These machines operate quite differently from the traditional Pay and Display machines that issue tickets.

The procedure at the new ticketless 'Park and Pay' carparks is as follows:

  1. Park and lock your vehicle
  2. Note your car park (bay) space number and walk to the parking machine
  3. Press the 'Information' button (The 'i' button on the keypad)
  4. Enter your car park (bay) (The space number on the keypad). The space number is marked on the surface at the rear of each car park.
  5. Press the 'OK' button
  6. Insert the coins. The parking expiry time will show on the screen
  7. Move on to your business or shopping


  • The 'C' button will clear an incorrect keypad entry. No ticket will be issued
  • The details are logged electronically within the machine, against each individual car park space
  • Whether parking afresh, or topping up your time, the car park (bay) space number needs to be entered before any coins are inserted.