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Community Road Safety Programme

Due to limited funding available for community road safety projects, the projects involve people or groups from the local community in the planning, delivery and evaluation phases, and involve 'donated' resources such as time, services, money and sponsorship.

Community groups and organisations include other government agencies such as the Police, ACC, Fire Service, Neighbourhood Support, St Johns, Community and Public Health and local government, as well as individuals with an interest in road safety and service groups, community organisations and youth groups, churches and schools.

A "Road Safety Action Plan" (RSAP) for the District is developed six monthly to set a platform for co-ordinating local efforts. The RSAP identifies key issues, associated actions and sets targets.

Key local problems are:

  • Intersections
  • Straight road – loss of control or Head-on
  • Bend – loss of control or Head-on

Funding has been obtained for community projects to target these areas. Projects will be timed to coincide with national advertising and police themes.

For more information on these projects contact the Road Safety Co-ordinator.

Key regional campaign focuses are rural driving, speed, fatigue and intersections. Combined campaigns will be run across the South Canterbury district involving the Waimate and Mackenzie District Councils and will involve promotion alongside the wider Canterbury region with the Canterbury Regional Road Safety Co-ordinator.

Road Safety Co-ordinator

Work is carried out by the South Canterbury Road Safety Co-ordinator. The primary responsibility of this position is to co-ordinate the efforts of key road safety organisations and community groups throughout the District. There is no charge for this service.

Co-ordinators have an integral role in reducing road trauma in New Zealand and are appointed to co-ordinate, facilitate and manage local efforts to reduce identified road safety issues in their areas.

There is a strong educational and advocacy role to the position. It links closely to local police enforcement, the Council's parking enforcement and engineering work carried out or contracted by the Timaru District Council. The position is full-time. However due to the nature of the position, the Co-ordinator is often working outside of the office. As a result, messages can be left at any time and are responded to promptly by contacting the South Canterbury Road Safety office.

Safer Journeys 2020 strategy

Community involvement is an essential component in achieving our road safety targets. The current strategy, Safer Journeys 2020, sets out New Zealand's road safety vision, targets, safety goals and priority areas for the activities of both governmental and community organisations with a role in road safety.

Goals under the Safer Journeys 2020 strategy include:

  • achieving the targets set for road crash reduction and road user behaviour.
  • fostering and supporting the development of an improved safety culture which creates safer attitudes, skills and behaviour amongst road users.
  • promoting and developing a safer roading environment which will improve the public health.

South Canterbury Road Safety Co-ordinating Committee

This group has been in operation for a number of years. It aims to provide a community voice for all road users and includes representatives from the NZ Police, Waimate-, Timaru- and Mackenzie District Councils, Environment Canterbury, ACC, New Zealand Transport Agency, Road Safety Council, NZ Transport Association, Automobile Association, and Community and Public Health.

This group meets quarterly and enquiries may be directed to the South Canterbury Road Safety office.

Funding assistance

A funding scheme administered by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) ( provides an annual opportunity for the South Canterbury Road Safety to seek funding assistance for projects that attempt to address identified road safety priorities for the South Canterbury District.

If you have a project that you would like to have considered for funding assistance, please contact our Road Safety Co-ordinator.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021