Winter Driving

Road & Cycle Safety

In winter, the Timaru District has many places where black ice forms, and because we cannot see black ice, it makes it extremely dangerous for any driver that may be unaware of it. Fatal and injury crashes occur in which adverse weather conditions are normally a contributing factor, but generally these crashes occur due to drivers not taking the weather conditions into account. Extra care and attention is vital during winter months when driving.

One can be prepared before a trip by:

  • Checking the road conditions;
  • Have your vehicle checked out;
  • Make sure your car's heater, fans, wipers, defrosters, and demisters are working;
  • Make sure indicators and all lights are working;
  • Antifreeze is in the car's engine during winter;
  • Make sure your windscreen is clean both inside and out.

Last updated: 23 Jun 2020