Roading Strategies, Plans & Policy

Roads, Transport & Parking

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The Council has a wide range of roading documents and information that are available online.


The following are some local roading strategies:

The Timaru Metro Strategy sets out a range of targets to improve local public transport over 10 years. This has been developed in conjunction with Environment Canterbury to provide a clear direction for the future of public transport.


The following are some local roading plans:

The Activity Management Plan (AMP) sets out a 10-year programme for the management of Roading assets and activities. The plans are developed to ensure that the assets and activities are managed in an affordable, efficient, sustainable, and effective manner to minimise the financial impact on Timaru District's community.


Bylaws are local legislation enforceable by the Council staff, and other nominated agencies. In 2013, the Council's Bylaws were reviewed and the following sections of the Consolidated Bylaw relevant to Roading:


Council adheres to a number of policies to ensure a consist framework and principals are provided for all interested parties.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021