Walking & Cycling

Timaru District Roading Network

The Timaru District is a great place for walking and cycling, both for recreational or tourism. Walking and cycling is beneficial for individuals, and great for the environment. It is a healthy and sustainable alternative to motorised transport. Sustainable transport choices are now being actively encouraged as an alternative to motorised vehicles, and to reverse the negative impacts on our community, health, and environment that the dominance of motor vehicle travel has. The Council is not aiming to restrict people's use of the motor vehicle, but provide realistic and easily accessible sustainable transport choices including walking, cycling, and public transport. With the Timaru District Active Transport Strategy, the main purpose is to improve, integrate, update, and develop Active Transport in Timaru District by:

  • Establishing a strategic direction and policies for active transportation for the short (3 years), medium (3 to 10 years), and longer term (to 2041) time horizons;
  • Identify active transport projects, recommend investigation, and recommend implementation;
  • Identify funding, resources, and potential implementation timelines;
  • Identify the related National, Regional, and Local strategies, plans, and policies that influence the strategy;
  • Improve connectivity and mobility in the District.


The Timaru District is a cycle friendly District with cycle ways for the community to move around the District, and there are multiple cycling tracks around for recreation purposes. These can be found in the following links:

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021