Geraldine Transport Strategy

Current Consultations

Geraldine Transport Strategy

Public consultation on the draft Geraldine Transport Strategy closed in November 2020. In March 2021 the Geraldine Community Board met to review community feedback and agreed a revised strategy. On Tuesday 20th July 2021, the revised and finalised strategy was adopted by Council’s Infrastructure Committee – this can be downloaded below.

About The Strategy

Geraldine is a township of approximately 2,700 people in the Timaru District.  Although the population is small, with modest growth, the town is on a busy tourist route between Christchurch and Queenstown which is experiencing increasing traffic volumes.  This presents an opportunity for Geraldine to maximise the economic opportunities from passing through tourists.  The local economy is also founded on the agricultural industry which relies on an efficient transport system for the import and export of its products.

The transport system is therefore pivotal to the success of Geraldine.  To extract the most from the transport system, Timaru District Council (TDC) has developed a transport strategy that is built on an understanding of the local context, problems and the desires of the local community.  The strategy identifies a range of interventions over the short (0 – 3yrs), medium (4 – 10yrs) and long term (11 – 30yrs) that will see the fulfilment of the strategy and ultimately a more prosperous Geraldine.

Strategic vision for Geraldine’s transport system
The Geraldine transport system provides safe access for all types of travel, and promotes economic growth by enabling tourism and freight.
Objectives of Geraldine’s transport strategy
  • Safe – a transport system where there are no deaths or serious injuries
  • Access to all types of travel – a transport system that provides a range of options to move around the town
  • Tourism – a transport system that encourages visitors to spend time and money in Geraldine
  • Freight – a transport system that enables efficient movement of freight
Download and view the Geraldine Transport Strategy:

Development of the Strategy

The strategy was developed through close engagement with local community representatives and through public consultation to develop a strategy that is owned by the Geraldine community.  The process of developing the strategy is summarised below:

  • October 2018 - TDC commissioned a transport strategy study for Geraldine
  • May 2019 - a workshop was held with 17 representatives of the local community to discuss Geraldine’s transport problems and agree the vision and objectives
  • June 2019 – the draft transport strategy was endorsed by the Geraldine Community Board for public consultation
  • 9 November and 29 November 2020 – consultation was open for public feedback
  • 24 March 2021 – a workshop with the Geraldine Community Board to discuss all the community feedback and to agree the changes to the draft transport strategy
  • July 2021 – the strategy was finalised and issued to Geraldine Community Board for recommendation to full Council
  • July 2021 - the strategy was adopted by Council’s Infrastructure Committee.

Last updated: 20 Jul 2021