Long Term Plan 2015-25

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Are we there yet? is the name of our Long Term Plan (LTP) consultation which we now welcome your feedback on.

This year’s LTP consultation is a little bit different from previous years. Instead of producing a draft LTP we have prepared a Consultation Document that outlines the big issues that the Council wants your input on. Councillors will consider that feedback before formally adopting the full Long Term Plan towards the end of June 2015.

You can read about these issues in the consultation document below:

  • Funding the Future: Our road funding shortfall
  • Making the District Tick: Replacing our roads, pipes and pumps. How much should we fund?
  • Handling Our Heritage and Culture
  • Funding the Future: Slicing the General Rate Pie
  • Making the District Tick: Securing Our Future Water supplies

Our consultation document 'Are we there yet?' should have arrived in your mailbox with The Courier newspaper on March 26.

If you did not receive a copy, download it below:

LTP 2015-25 Consultation Document

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Make a submission

Submissions on the LTP 2015 - 25 have now closed.

Supporting Information and Related Consultations

There are several documents that support the LTP Consultation Document and the Long Term Plan. These documents contain more detailed information.

Explanation of documents

  • Introduction - Overview of what is included in the supporting information
  • Infrastructure Strategy - Council's 30 year plan for key infrastructure assets in roading, water supply, sewer and stormwater, including issues, planned projects and financial information
  • Financial Strategy and Projections for 2015-25 - Council's proposed financial strategy that forms the basis for the financial direction of Council and overall financial statements, including the Balanced Budget statement and Funding Impact Statement
  • Activity Statements - A summary of Council's activities (e.g. Roading, Libraries) including a description of what is provided, why we provide it, the services provided, how we measure performance, planned projects over the next ten years and financial information.
  • Significant Forecasting Assumptions  - Key general and financial assumptions on which the Long Term Plan is based.
  • Financial Contributions Policy - A summary of the existing Financial Contributions Policy provisions.
  • Council Controlled Organisations - An overview of Council Controlled Organisations.

We are also consulting on some other material (Policies and Proposed Fees) alongside the Long Term Plan.

Explanation of Documents

  • Introduction - Overview of proposed policies and fees
  • Revenue and Financing Policy - This policy sets out the Council's funding philosophy and how the Council will fund each of activities and explains why
  • Rates Remission and Postponement Policy - These policies define the circumstances in which the Council may remit or postpone rates
  • Rates Discount Policy - This policy allows for a discount for the early payment of total rates for a rating year
  • Proposed Fees and Charges 2015/16 - These set out the Proposed Fees and Charges for Council activities for 2015/16

All of the documents are also available at the main Council office, service centres and libraries throughout the district during the consultation period.

Key Dates

Key dates in the LTP process are:

26 March 2015Consultation Document delivered through The Courier commuity newspaper
28 March 2015 LTP consultation and submissions open
28 April 2015 Submissions on LTP close at 5pm
26-28 May 2015 Council Hearings for Draft LTP (dates as required)
23 June 2015 Council adopt final LTP

Long Term Plan 2012-22

The 2012-22 Long Term Plan was adopted on 26 June 2012.

The 2013/14 and 2014/15 Annual Plans have been developed in intervening years updating the respective years of the LTP 2012.