Long Term Plan 2015-25 Schools Project

What’s it all about?

The Schools Project is an initiative to help engagement between Council and the young people in our District. It promotes getting involved, seeing how democracy works at Local Government level and helping Council to make sound decisions about our District's future by having a say.

The end product of the project is for schools to make a submission to Council through the Long Term Plan (LTP) consultation process on an issue of their choice; that issue being something under the control of Council. 

Who is taking part?

The Mayor, Councillors and Council Staff are thrilled that local schools have shown interest in the project and want to get involved. At the time of launch we had about 80 students from five of the Districts high schools taking part. The schools taking part are:

  • Timaru Boys High School
  • Timaru Girls High School
  • Craighead Diocesan School
  • Mountainview High School
  • Geraldine High School

For students to identify an issue under Council control, they will need to think about what services Council provides to make the District tick. Council activities are listed under the following groups:

DemocracyGovernance & Leadership
Community SupportAirport, Community Facilities (includes public toilets, cemeteries), Community Funding (includes community funding, subsidised labour), Economic Development & District Promotions, Emergency Management, Safer Communities, Social Housing
District Planning & Regulatory ServicesBuilding Control, District Planning, Environmental Health (includes environmental health, animal control, parking enforcement)
Recreation & LeisureCultural & Learning Facilities (includes Art Gallery, Halls, Theatre Royal, Libraries, Museum), Parks, Recreation & Swimming Pools (includes Caroline Bay Aquatic Centre, Fishing Huts, Motor Camps)
Roading & FootpathsRoading & Footpaths (includes parking facilities), Cycleways and walkways
Waste MinimisationCompost, Recycling & Refuse
Water SupplyWater Supply

Getting Started

Students have been provided with a guide document to help them get started and guide them through the process of making a well thought out submission for the LTP. The document can be read in the link.

The steps in the process of making a submission in this project can be summarised as follows:

  • Understand the role of Council and the environment it operates in
  • Identify an issue to be the subject of your submission
  • Research the background to the issue and gather information
  • Identify the viable options within the broad guide provided
  • Carry out a consultation on the options
  • Evaluate data and identify a preferred option to deal with the issue
  • Prepare and submit to Council on the issue, outlining your preferred option
  • Present your submission to Council at a hearing to conclude the project

Useful Information Sources

You can read the LTP Consultation Document and other pages for plenty of information. There are links to the LTP supporting information. If you need statistics, you can use Professor Natalie Jacksons report commissioned by Council to predict local population and household changes for the next 50 years or so. You can also make use of demographic information from Statistics NZ. A number of other information sources exist:

If you can’t find what you need using these resources, you could try contacting either Paul or Mark at the Council. Your teacher has their contact details. We at the Council congratulate those who have decided to take part and we look forward to reading the fruits of your labour when public submissions close at 5pm on 28 April. Good luck guys!

You can link to the presentation at the schools project launch below:

Schools Project launch