Resource Management Act Fees 2016/17


Section 36(2) of the Resource Management Act (RMA) 1991 requires Council to seek public feedback on its proposed fees and charges.

When fixing Fees and Charges under Section 36 (RMA), Council is required to consider:

  • Recovering reasonable costs for the service
  • Recovering costs from those who benefit from the services

Regarding reasonable costs, Council is proposing no change to the majority of the Resource Management Act Fees and Charges for the year 1 July 2016 – 30 June 2017. The only changes proposed are:

  1. Introducing a new category of staff charge ‘Other Council Staff’ at a rate of $130 per hour
  2. Increasing the Bond application fee from $320 to $350.

Regarding the balance between individual benefit and the community benefit, Council is proposing that there continue to be 100% of the cost of services paid by the affected individual rather than some of this cost being apportioned to the general ratepayer.

Resource Management Act Proposed Fees

The District Planning Unit of Council has a variety of functions that have an element of cost recovery. While some charges are set by statute, other statutes give local authorities the power to set charges.

This proposal considers fees and charges for:

  1. Resource consents: processing, monitoring and enforcing, administration;
  2. Resource Management Act planning documents
  3. A range of other District Planning matters

Each financial year the Council reviews the fees and charges to ensure that:

  1. those who benefit from the services of the resource consent activity pay a fair and reasonable share of the costs of these services; and
  2. the fees and charges reflect any changes in the cost of providing these services; and
  3. the fees and charges align with Council’s Revenue and Financing policy.

Section 101(3) of the Local Government Act 2002 and Section 36 (4) of the Resource Management Act 1991 provide that charges can be set for regulatory functions.

You can read the full Statement of Proposal below:

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The proposal is now open for your feedback. To let us know what you think:

  • Make your submission online here (quick and easy!)
  • Download the submission form and send it into Council
  • Email your submission to
  • Write us a letter and send to RMA Fees Submission, Freepost Authority No. 95136, PO Box 522, Timaru 7940

Comments are welcome from Thursday 14 April to 5pm, Monday 16 May.

RMA Fees consultation process

The consultation timetable is:

14 April 2016Submissions open
16 May 2016Submissions close at 5pm
To be determinedCouncil considers submissions
28 June 2016Council decisions on fees to be charged
1 July 2016New fees apply

Supporting Information

Below is supporting information related to the RMA Fees:

Proposed RMA Fees 2016/17

Table 1 Lodgement Fees

Lodgement Fees (Deposit)2015/16Proposed 2016/17
Notified Consent$4,000.00$4,000.00
Limited Notified (service only) Consent$3,000.00$3,000.00
Non-notified Subdivision Consent$700.00$700.00
Non-notified Land Use Consent which includes a monitoring fee for a single site inspection$900.00$900.00
Non-notified Subdivision Consent - Change to Flats Plan or Unit Title$700.00$700.00
Right of Way Approval (not included in Subdivision Consent)$650.00$650.00
Revocation of Easements and Consent Notices (not included in Subdivision Consent)$525.00$525.00
Existing Allotments Section 226 Certificate (new titles created)$525.00$525.00
Section 223 Certificate (survey plan approval)$410.00$410.00
Section 224(c) Certificate$410.00$410.00
Section 224(c) Certificate including Section 223 Certificate$410.00$410.00
Removal of Building Line Restriction$640.00$640.00
Certificates of Compliance$640.00$640.00
Change or Cancellation of Conditions$525.00$525.00
Existing Use Rights and Existing Use Certificate$525.00$525.00
Extension of Time$480.00$480.00
Outline Plan$640.00$640.00
Waiver of Outline PlanActual costActual cost
Alteration to a Designation$1,100.00$1,100.00
Extension of Time to a Designation$1,100.00$1,100.00
Plan Change$10,500.00$10,500.00
Notice of Requirements for Designations or Heritage Order$5,100.00$5,100.00
Certificates for LMVD$640.00$640.00
Certificates under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012$155.00$155.00
Overseas Investment Office CertificateActual costActual cost
Pre-Lodgement Work
Staff time conducting assessments, attending meeting(s) and writing correspondence prior to the lodgement of specific resource consent application(s) and private plan change(s).
Actual cost after first half hour freeActual cost after first half hour free

Table 2 Charge Rates

 2015/16Proposed 2016/17
Staff time rate:  
   District Planning Manager$160.00 per hour$160.00 per hour
   Senior Planner$130.00 per hour$130.00 per hour
   Planner$110.00 per hour$110.00 per hour
   Development Planning Advisor $110.00 per hour$110.00 per hour
   Administration Staff$90.00 per hour$90.00 per hour
   Other Council Staff-$130.00 per hour
Public NoticesAt CostAt Cost
DisbursementsAt CostAt Cost
Consultants/Legal Advice (including Aoraki Environmental Consultancy)At CostAt Cost
Commissioning Special ReportsAt CostAt Cost
Charge Rates if monitoring of resource consent is required (imposed as a condition of a resource consent):  
Single Site Inspection (to be paid with the lodgement fee for Non-notified Land Use Consent)$200.00$200.00
Additional monitoring of resource consents and monitoring of non-compliance with the Timaru District Plan or the Resource Management Act 1991At CostAt Cost


 2015/16Proposed 2016/17
Hearing Costs:  
Hearings Committee$100.00 per hour for the chairperson
$80.00 per hour per member who is not the chairperson
$100.00 per hour for the chairperson
$80.00 per hour per member who is not the chairperson
CommissionerAt CostAt Cost


 2015/16Proposed 2016/17
Other Charges:  
Timaru District Plan$200.00 + postage$200.00 + postage
Annual update service to the District Plan$150.00 per year$150.00 per year
District RAPID Numbers (book)$75.00$75.00
Allocation of new Rapid Number (includes Plate)$50.00$50.00
Replacement Rapid Number Plate$25.00$25.00
Bond Application$320.00$350.00
Bond Refund-$350.00


  • Section 36 of the Resource Management Act 1991 enables Council to charge additional fees to recover actual and reasonable costs where the Lodgement Fee is inadequate.
  • When the total cost to process an application exceeds the Lodgement Fee in Table One, the additional fees are charged at the rates specified in Table Two of this fee schedule.
  • The Council also reserves its discretion to refund part of the fixed fee if the work required to process the application is less than usual.
  • The Lodgement Fee will be required to accompany the application. An invoice will be sent for any additional fees. The Lodgment Fee is a deposit only and may not be the complete charge. There may be additional fees or a part refund as explained above.
  • Discounts shall be paid on administrative charges for applications for resource consent and applications to change or cancel conditions that are not processed within the statutory timeframes. The discounts shall be in accordance with the Regulations to the Resource Management Act 1991.
  • All Charges include GST