Aigantighe Seismic Strengthening progress - Photo Series

20 Feb 2024


Since the Heritage House has been closed to the community since 2017, many people have not seen the inside for quite some time. We decided to do a regular photo series to show you the progress.

The work should be completed in August.

Westside of the heritage house

The west side of the heritage house. The section of roof above the entrance. These tiles will be taken off, cleaned, and put back again. Some will be replaced due to damage.

Westside of Aigantighe

The connection between the Aigantighe house gallery and the late 1970s extension. The roof has been taken off to assess the inside. In the back of the photo, you can see the dragon back tiles on the top of the roof section behind the connection.

Close up of the connection

An up-close photo of the connection. To which the inner construction of the roof peak built over 119 years ago can be seen.

dragon back

A close look of the original dragon back ridge tiles which sit on the top of some of the roof sections. These have been taken off so they can be cleaned of the moss, restored, and reinstalled.


The door on the North side of the house gallery, which is the access to the veranda. This door and glass will stay.


This is the insulation which is all throughout the house. It is believed to be a mixture of mortar and gravel and is original to the house.


One of the gallery rooms. The fireplace has been taken out for restorative work. All the fireplaces in the house will be protected and restored. The walls have been stripped of wall paper and taken back to the original plaster walls.

wall paper

During the seismic strengthening process, the team have been able to see parts with original wallpaper. This has been edited to show an accurate colour of the wallpaper.

bathroom wallpaper aigantighe

In the bathroom upstairs, a section of wallpaper was found, and will be preserved so future generations can see it.


More wallpaper uncovered in a wardrobe upstairs.

Aigantighe house gallery stairs

The stairs leading up to the second floor. The stained glass is boarded up for protection but will be on display once the strengthening has been completed. The handrailing is being preserved and will be reinstalled.

Art Gallery range oven

The original range oven, which will be restored and become a prominent feature of the entrance to the heritage house.

We hope to have more photos for you as the strengthening progresses.

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