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03 Oct 2023

2023 General Election

You can vote in the 2023 General Election from now until 7pm on 14 October.
03 Oct 2023

High Street Stormwater Main Renewal Project

We are doing some work near the hospital sorting out some stormwater drains that are at the end of their life.
29 Sep 2023

Unveiling Treasures from the Neighbours’ Past

Drill Hall on Barnard Street, has brought to light historical treasures as the area undergoes redevelopment
29 Sep 2023

Resident Survey

The resident survey asks what services you use and how do you rate your experience
26 Sep 2023

Geraldine Stormwater - Waihi Outfall and Overland Flow Path

Timaru District Council's water team are upgrading the Geraldine Stormwater network.
26 Sep 2023

Pleasant Point Watermain Renewals

Timaru District Council's water team will be renewing 2.6km of ageing water pipes and fittings in Geraldine