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    Ep15 - Glad you're here.

    • Season: Episode: 15
    • Published: 30 August 2023
    • Summary:

      From Friday, Timaru is celebrating Welcoming Week as part of its work to become a welcoming community for everyone that comes here.

      This time we spoke to Connected Communities Coordinator, Jess Hurst, about organising our local celebrations, and the benefits of encouraging a welcoming and diverse community.

    Ep 14: Meet the councillor: Cllr Michelle Pye

    • Season: Episode: 14
    • Published: 10 August 2023
    • Summary:

      This is the first in a series of podcasts where we sit down with the people representing you at the council table.

      This time we speak to first term Councillor Michelle Pye, find more about her and talk about her priorities for the term ahead.

    Ep13: Finding balance through planning

    • Season: Episode: 13
    • Published: 26 July 2023
    • Summary:

      We've just opened the further submissions part of our Proposed District Plan review, so thought it was a good time to talk to our District Planning Manager, Hamish Barrell about what the District Plan is, and how does it shape our community? How and if you can take part in this current submission, what the aspirations for the plan are and with the much covered reforms to the Resource Management Act coming down the line, has all this work gone to waste?

      A full transcript of this is available at: https://www.timaru.govt.nz/news/council-news/councilcast-ep13-Finding-Balance-Through-Planning

    Ep 12: Building a new future for the Theatre Royal

    • Season: Episode: 12
    • Published: 12 July 2023
    • Summary:

      We've spoken to the museum director about how they are going to fill the new museum, but how do you go about building the centre it's going to go in, and how do you integrate that with a 100 year old theatre?

      This week we speak to project lead Nicole Timney on what's going on behind the scenes on this ambitious project.

    Ep11: Building a new museum

    • Season: Episode: 11
    • Published: 14 June 2023
    • Summary:

      How do you go about making a new museum? Is it just sticking all your old stuff in a new space? Today we speak to South Canterbury Museum Director Philip Howe on their plans to bring a new museum to a new site in the centre of Timaru.

      A full transcript can be found here: https://www.timaru.govt.nz/news-and-events/latest-news/councilcast-ep-11-building-a-new-museum

    Ep10: Stay Alert, Stay Alive

    • Season: Episode: 10
    • Published: 9 June 2021
    • Summary:

      With the variety of ways we can contact you in an emergency, the time may have come to retire some of our cold war era mechanical sirens. This time we spoke to Emergency Management Officer Lamorna Cooper about the siren network and all things emergency preparedness. 

    Ep9: What's in your bin?

    • Season: 2 Episode: 2
    • Published: 5 May 2021
    • Summary: Timaru District Council is currently running a campaign to reduce the amount of contaminated recycling going unncessarily to landfill. This time we spoke to one of the campaign champions councillor Barbara Gilchrist to ask What's in your bin? Music: Bensound.

    Ep8: (Even) More than you'd ever want to know about roading.

    • Season: 2 Episode: 1
    • Published: 15 March 2021
    • Summary:

      We're back for season 2 of the Timaru District Councilcast, and we thought where better to start than the same way we did last time.

      The summer is always a busy time for the Council’s Land Transport Unit, in today’s episode I sat down with Anthony Bacon, Road Network Operation Technician and Selina Kunac, Transport Community Engagement Advisor to discuss the considerations and the challenges that Land Transport Unit work through to carry out maintenance on our road network.

      So join us for (Even) More than you'd ever want to know about roading

    Ep7: The Timaru District Plan: The first cut

    • Season: Episode: Extra
    • Published: 9 October 2020
    • Summary: This week the council has released the first cut of its district plan, which will guide growth and development over the next decade and beyond.This episode, District planning Manager Mark Geddes joins me to discuss what it’s about, and how we’re keen to...

    Extra: Mayoral Musings with OJ on The Breeze

    • Season: Episode: Extra
    • Published: 25 August 2020
    • Summary: Mayor Nigel Bowen joined OJ on The Breeze earlier this month for his monthly musings, you can listen again here.

    Ep6: Behind the scenes at the museum

    • Season: Episode: Extra
    • Published: 4 August 2020
    • Summary: Ever wondered how the museum gets all its stuff, and the reasons why they sometimes say no?This time we have South Canterbury Museum Director Philip Howe giving us insight into running a successful museum and, with the new heritage centre project...

    Ep5: Earthquake Prone Buildings Workshop with the SC Chamber of Commerce

    • Season: Episode: Extra
    • Published: 24 July 2020
    • Summary: Wendy from the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce recently sat down with our Building Control Manager Jayson to talk about the Earthquake Prone Buildings provisions of the building act and how they affect building owners throughout the district.Thanks...

    Ep4: Navigating the changes to the Building Act

    • Season: Episode: Extra
    • Published: 8 July 2020
    • Summary: As part of its covid response the Government recently announced some significant changes to the Building Act.This episode we're talking to Building Control Manager Jason about what these changes are, and how they affect you.Please note that this podcast...

    Ep3: What comes after the yellow bin?

    • Season: Episode: Extra
    • Published: 22 June 2020
    • Summary: Every fortnight, people all over Timaru District put their yellow bins out to the curbside to have their recycling whisked away. But have you ever wondered what happens next, and what we can do to be more sustainable in our recycling.This time we talk...

    Ep2: Life after COVID-19

    • Season: Episode: Extra
    • Published: 10 June 2020
    • Summary: What's next for the Timaru District as we ease out of COVID-19 restrictions, and what part can the council play in helping re-ignite our economy. This episode we speak to Tracy and Frazer who are supporting the Timaru District Reignition Panel, a group...

    Extra: Mayor Nigel on 100.3FM

    • Season: Episode: Extra
    • Published: 29 May 2020
    • Summary: Timaru District Mayor Nigel Bowen spoke to James Valentine of 100.3FM about a wide range of district topics from Parking to the Annual Plan.

    Ep1: More than you'd ever want to know about roads

    • Season: Episode: Extra
    • Published: 27 May 2020
    • Summary: Episode 1 of Councilcast sees us talking to Andrew and Suzie from Land Transport about roads, how we make them, what we use and when we decide they need fixed. If you have any question about anything we talk about, or ideas for topics for future...

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