Coulter Place Retaining Wall Update

06 Nov 2023


What an amazing wall!

If you weren’t aware, the retaining wall on Geraldine’s Coulter Place has come to the end of its useful life and work began to replace it at the beginning of September.

The original wall was breaking in places and in need of a serious upgrade. With our contractor Fulton Hogan, our team came to the decision that MAGNUMSTONE™ by Cirtex Industries would be used for the construction of the new wall. MAGNUMSTONE™ is a large wet cast interlocking concrete block system providing an aesthetically pleasing, robust design, cost-effective retaining solution with a 100-year design life! Timber was considered but would only be a 30-year lifespan.

During the construction unrecorded pipes were found that were needed to first be dealt with to ensure the walls longevity. Over 280 individual blocks have been placed by Fulton Hogan Timaru Civil Crew and we are proud to advise you that the wall is now up and looking magnificent!

The team at Fulton Hogan will now begin to shift their focus to other construction involved in the project, such as a new kerb and channel, asphalt footpath, handrail system and landscaping work around the wall. During the removal process of the pre-existing wall some of the vegetation needed to be removed. Work will shortly begin to update the area with new low maintenance vegetation that will help support the absorption of stormwater run-off as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing walkway into the Geraldine township.

We look forward to seeing the completion of this project in the next few weeks. We would like to thank the community for their patience and support while we do these upgrades.

Before and current retaining wall

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