Temuka Domain Redevelopment

Parks Projects

The Temuka Domain is the major hub for sport and recreation in the Temuka Area.

Over a period of about 10 years the Domain will be redeveloped to improve its functionality for users.

Work to Date

Parking and access has been improved for the bowling club and at the tennis and netball courts. A conflict with vehicles using the Holiday Park to access the courts has been overcome. Stormwater improvements have also been made.

Current Stages

The seldom used cycle track around the oval is being removed to provide a grassed spectator embankment. This has also given the opportunity to extend the rugby and cricket fields in the oval and relocate the athletics long jump pit. An athletic track in a more even oval shape will also be accommodated. Two larger grass viewing platforms either side of the grandstand will enable tents to be erected and offer views of the whole playing surface.

A safety issue is being overcome by closing the area between the Alpine energy Stadium and the Rugby Clubrooms to through traffic. This access currently has two blind corners and is particularly dangerous when junior sport is being played.

The main access to the stadium will be via a more attractive gathering point with more paver banding and will allow groups to gather and mingle safely before and after an event. The area will be protected by removable bollards at each end. This will overcome safety concerns but still provide access for service vehicles as necessary.

Junior players and spectators of rugby, cricket and athletics sports will be able to cross this area without the risk of being hit by vehicles.

Future Stages

Improved parking and a vehicle turnaround area at the south end of the oval will be developed.

The former house site will provide an attractively landscaped area for picnics and a more formal centrepiece to record the history of the Domain and Temuka generally.

Improved bus parking and pedestrian access will br provided. A new watermain will be installed to much of the western portion of the Domain.

The aviary will be relocated to a sunnier site affording a better environment for the largely Australia birds housed there.

Co-ordinated plantings of trees and shrubs will add to the Temuka Domain's attractiveness.

Signage will be installed to improve information and directives to facilities.

Last updated: 16 Sep 2021