Temuka Strategy 2023-2033


Temuka Strategic Plan

What is the Temuka Strategic Plan?

In August 2023 the Temuka Community Board adopted Temuka, Let’s Get Ahead, their Strategic Plan for Temuka and surrounding areas including Winchester.

Developed through community consultation over several months spanning 2022 and 2023, Temuka, Let’s Get Ahead helps to bridge the gap between the shared Vision – to Get Ahead – and Objectives for Temuka with a range of big and small projects that Council, the Community Board, and members of the wider commercial and not for profit community could undertake to make a difference.

What direction does the plan set?

In order to Get Ahead and enhance the Temuka experience for both locals and visitors, the plan outlines ten Objectives clustered under three key headings of “Live, Work, Play”, “Stop, Stay, Spend” and “Connect with Identity”. These Objectives are covered in the below image.

Community feedback also highlighted two key Problem Statements (severance and connectivity issues; a lack of people and vibrancy) and seven key Themes which could be explored to address those issues.

These Themes are:

  1. Collective Arts & Culture.
  2. Planting Brand.
  3. River Trails.
  4. Town Square/Civic Heart.
  5. Vine Street.
  6. Compact Living.
  7. Place Brand.

How do we move in the right direction?

To move forward on the Vision, Objectives, and Themes identified, and to address the Problem Statements, the plan outlines four Key Moves or possible project clusters:

Which projects have been chosen for immediate funding by the Community Board?

With an allocated budget of $200,000 in the 2023/2024 Annual Plan, the Temuka Community Board has selected the following projects in alignment strategic direction outlined.

Temuka Community Board ProjectsWhen and WhereLead Council UnitBudget AllocatedWho's Involved
Beautification -  (Key Move - Greening the Gateways)
King Street planter boxes, festoon lights, parklets, painted buildings.
 Land Transport Unit$10,000 
Connectivity  - (Key Move -  Vine St & King St)
Design and implementation of a short-term enhancement of the existing link from Vine Street to King Street.
 Land Transport Unit$25,000 
Wayfinding Signage - (Key Move - Connect Town to Trails)
Design and installation of temporary and permanent wayfinding signage around Temuka. 
 Land Transport Unit,
Parks and Recreation Unit 
Wayfinding Sigange - (Key Move - Greening the Gateways)
New signage at key 'gateway' points off Vine Street and wayfinding to the main street. 
 Land Transport Unit, Parks and Recreation Unit$70,000 
Planting and Landscaping - (Key Move - Greening the Gateways)
Along Vine Street including sculpture to the plantings.
 Parks and Recreation Unit$20,000 
Community Gardens - (Key Move - Greening the Gateways)
Water connectivity for community gardens, co-ops. 
 Drainage and Water Unit$10,000 
Temuka Pool Mural - (Theme - Collective Arts and Culture)
Painting a mural on Temuka Pool wall. 
Temuka Outdoor Pool, Temuka Domain.
Completed November 2023
Property Unit$5,000Nicola Nimo - Temuka Community Board
Koryu Aoshima - Artist

How can I help Temuka to Get Ahead?

If you’re keen to get involved or to find out more about the projects listed above, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact Temuka Community Board Chairperson Charles Scarsbrook, charles.scarsbrook@timdc.govt.nz 027 615 5500

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