Bylaw Licences

Licence Fees

Please note, all charges are GST inclusive unless indicated otherwise.

Bylaws Licences

Bylaw Licences 2023/2024
Taxi Stands – Cab Fee $107.00 per year
Public Place Trader $157.00 per year
Annual Mobile shop or stall permit/ public trader$157.00
Annual Multiple mobile shop outlets for the same produce/same trader $157.00 for the first unit plus 25%for each additional unit
Monthly Mobile Shop or stall permit / public trader$105.00
One Day Mobile Shop / Stall or Hawkers permit / public trader$42.00
Street Dining Areas (Permit to Occupy) 
Timaru, Geraldine, Temuka and Pleasant Point:  
  • Seat up to 17 persons
  • Seat  17 + persons

Bylaws Regulatory Function and Enforcement

Removal of advertising signs $110.00
Removal of abandoned vehicles$105.00 per hour staff time
plus actual cost of towage 


a)  As permitted under the Litter Act 1979$420.00
b) Clean-up relating to litter and illegal dumpingActual cost of contractor plus
$52.50 administration fee 

Bylaws Regulatory functions and enforcement

Breach of Bylaw

$105per hour after first hour

Bylaw fees and fines are charged under the LGA 2002. When the cost of bylaw monitoring and or enforcement related processes exceeds the stated fee, (min. charge), Council may recover all additional costs on a time and cost bases

Last updated: 29 Aug 2023