Long Term Plan


Long Term Plan 2021-31

The Long Term Plan (LTP) presents a blueprint for the delivery of Council Services over the next ten years, including a plan for all of our activities, major projects, our expected income and costs, and what rates will need to be for the next ten years.

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You can read the Long Term Plan 2021-31 below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Long Term Plan?

We call it the LTP for short and it is a plan that presents the Council’s blueprint for the delivery of its activities over the next ten years. It sets out what the Council will do, how it will be paid for and when it will happen. It is our key strategic planning document that sets the direction and intent of how the Council intends to make the Timaru District an even better place to live, work and play.

How was the LTP 2021-31 consulted on?

We consulted on the 2021-31 Long Term Plan in April/May 2021. This included a number of community drop-in events throughout the district and stakeholder meetings with multiple groups. We sought feedback on four key issues - climate change, Aigantighe art gallery, city hub and Aorangi Park redevelopment. We also held two youth competitions. There were numerous ways for the community to have their say.

We received over 559 formal submissions representing thousands of district residents and ratepayers. 64 members of the community came to speak to Council at the Hearings at the end of May 2021.

You can read about a lot more about the LTP 2021-31 Thriving Together consultation process at the Thriving Together website, including background information on the key issues, submissions and responses.

Final decisions on LTP topics can be found in the Agendas and Minutes section of Council linked here:

So, what's in the LTP?

The LTP includes:

  • Issues that will influence the Council over the next ten years
  • Information about the array of activities the Council is involved with
  • Key projects planned
  • How your rates will be spent
  • How the Council’s work will be funded
  • Financial performance

The Plan outlines how we collectively can create the future we all want, and the role that the Council will play in that.

There are five sections to the LTP, summarised below:
  • Section 1: Overview – This includes an overview of the LTP, including Council's overall strategic direction, outcomes from the LTP consultation, key projects and summary financial information.
  • Section 2: Council Activities - Council provides a wide range of activities, many of which you use everyday. This section includes an overview of these activities, including the levels of service we'll provide, how we'll measure performance, key projects and how much it will cost.
  • Section 3: Financial Information - Detailed and overall financial information, including overall financial statements for the Council, rating impacts shown through the Funding Impact Statement, and Reserve Funds information.
  • Section 4: Policies and Supporting Information - Policies that Council use to make decisions and run Council operations, including the Revenue and Financing Policy, Significance and Engagement Policy and Rates Remission Policy. It also includes the general and financial assumptions on which the plan is based.
  • Section 5: Infrastructure Strategy - This section includes the full Infrastructure Strategy, covering Roading and Footpaths, Sewer, Stormwater, Water Supply and Waste Minimisation.

When are we doing another LTP?

Councils are required to review their LTPs every three years. The next LTP (2024-34) will be adopted in mid-2024. Between each LTP, we complete an Annual Plan, which is effectively an update of the relevant year of the LTP. The video below gives a summary of Council's planning and reporting process.

Last updated: 04 Aug 2021