Have your say in Our Place, Our Future

Drinking water tank in Pleasant Point

Published: 09 Mar 2018

The Timaru District community is being asked to have their say and help shape the next ten years of council spending.

Households throughout the district will be receiving copies of the Long Term Plan 2018-2028 consultation document, which outlines some of the major funding decisions facing the district as well as details of the smaller projects happening over the next decade.

The document is also available from the council building as well as the library and service centres in Geraldine and Temuka, and other Council facilities and all the information is online at www.ourplaceourfuture.co.nz

People have until 5pm on Monday 9 April to have their say.

Timaru District Mayor, Damon Odey says that the council wants to ensure that the district continues to develop and thrive, but that it can’t do it alone.

“Every three years we review the Long Term Plan (or LTP). This sets our direction for the next ten years, the important issues going forward, our plans to address them and the impact it will have on the district and ultimately on you.

“We are at the point in this process where we need your input. What do you think about our big issues? Some of these are hard decisions to make, but we’re focused on making our place the best place it can be.

“A big part of our LTP planning this time has focused on those important facilities that help enrich our community. Two of these, the South Canterbury Museum and Theatre Royal are both facing some major challenges. We’ve outlined some solutions to help secure their future.

Ultimately, we want to continue to provide everything you currently get from the Council - good value and reliable services at an affordable cost to residents and ratepayers. We often call this ‘business as usual’, but in reality what we do constantly changes.

“What was provided 30 years ago often does not fit today’s environment, we’re required to meet  different rules and regulations,  new technology emerges, community expectations evolve, and we need to future proof – consider things like district growth and climate change.”

“So, the ball’s in your court. We only do this once every three years, so don’t miss out. It’s easy!”

The four main topics being consulted as part of this plan are how we ensure we have resilient sources of water into the future, the redevelopment of the Theatre Royal, whether we address the future of the South Canterbury Museum through a proposed heritage exhibition space and how quickly we want to improve our stormwater system to protect and improve the environment.

People can have their say on these topics or anything else they want to discuss by filling out the online submission form at www.ourplaceourfuture.co.nz, returning the freepost form in the consultation document, or emailing their submission to submission@timdc.govt.nz. For any queries contact the Council on 03 687 7200

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021