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IQP #NameAreaCompanySystems
11Beaumont, Kenneth GaryChristchurchBGK Services LtdSS7
45Betts, MarkChristchurchAMT Mechanical Services LimitedSS7, SS9
54Hall, Chris RChristchurchUneda Plumbing LtdSS7
58Fisher, Ross MatthewChristchurchFoley PlumbersSS7
77McKnight, DayneChristchurchMcKnight Plumbing LtdSS7
114Beard, Nicholas HenryChristchurchWaterworks Plumbing LtdSS7
132Joyce, Mark LindsayChristchurchPump ServicesSS7
177Tritt, EdwardChristchurchCity Care Ltd - City Care WaterSS7
180De Gouw, MartinChristchurchClyne & Bennie (1988) LtdSS7
195Gardner, JamesChristchurchFFP Canterbury LimitedSS1, SS2, SS4, SS6, SS7, SS14.2, P, Q
196Gardner, KerryChristchurchFFP Canterbury LimitedSS1, SS2, SS4, SS6, SS7, SS14.2, P, Q
208Baker, JeffChristchurchAON Fire ProtectionSS1, SS2, SS3.C, SS6, SS7, P
211Crampton, DeanChristchurchEvotek Technologies LtdSS1, SS2, SS3.C, SS6, SS7, SS14.2, SS15.B, SS15.C, SS15.D, SS15.E, M, N, P, Q
290Hamilton, Ron JChristchurchWalton Plumbing LtdSS7
293Griffiths, KevinChristchurchGriffiths Water & Air Services LimitedSS5, SS7, SS9, SS11
294Chatwin, DarrenChristchurchThe Plumber LimitedSS7
299Watson, LayneChristchurchLayne Watson Plumbing LtdSS7
309Gordon, GilbertChristchurchGordon Risk & Fire LtdSS1, SS2, SS3.C, SS4, SS5, SS6, SS7, SS10, SS11, SS13-1, SS13-2, SS13-3, SS14.2, M, N, O, P, Q
312Betman, JacobChristchurchHunter Plumbing LtdSS7
318Dick, Christopher JamesChristchurchLaser Plumbing Christchurch EastSS7
320Hamilton, RobertChristchurchPlumb Fast LtdSS7
324Peterson, AaronChristchurchWhitehead Plumbing & Gas LtdSS7
329Fedoruk, AlexChristchurchnullSS7
353Thyne, BrendonChristchurchFFP Canterbury LimitedSS1, SS6, SS7
358Calder, Robert BruceChristchurchPeter Diver Plumbing & Drainage LtdSS7
370Dickson, Christopher JohnChristchurchChris Dickson Plumbing LimitedSS7
394Moody, Samuel JamesChristchurchMoods Plumbing LtdSS7
400Houston, BrentChristchurchSprinkler & Alarm Inspections LimitedSS1, SS2, SS3.C, SS6, SS7, SS14.1, SS14.2, P
437Clarke, Shaun GaryChristchurchGillon & MaherSS7
443Rohland, MichaelChristchurchRohland Plumbing LtdSS7
453Girdler, Jordan PaulChristchurchBC Plumbers (2018) LtdSS7
460Maxted, ArchieChristchurchAdmax Contracting LtdSS7
465Downes, Nicholas BrianChristchurchFoleysSS5, SS7, SS9, SS11, SS13-1, SS13-2, SS14.2
513Rusbatch, Matthew RaymondChristchurchLaser Plumbing Christchurch EastSS7
522Browne, DavidChristchurchDBC Bulding Services LtdSS7, SS9
528Williams, SteveChristchurchPlumbing Services Chch LimitedSS7
538Husband, DavidChristchurchCompliance Fire ProtectionSS3.B, SS3.C, SS4, SS7, SS14.2, SS15.B, SS15.C, SS15.D, SS15.E
541Kelly, BrianChristchurchSGS NZ LtdSS1, SS2, SS3.C, SS4, SS6, SS7, SS8, SS9, SS11, SS14.2, SS15.B, SS15.C, SS15.D, SS15.E, M, N, O, P, Q
546Taylor, MarkChristchurchCosgroves LimitedSS1, SS2, SS7
559Sowman, Richard JamesChristchurchPlumbing & Gas HQ LimitedSS7
562Wilkinson, Carl JohnChristchurchFlow Solutions LtdSS7
567Cassidy, StevenChristchurchAHI Carrier (NZ) LtdSS5, SS7, SS9, SS11, SS13-1, SS13-2, SS13-3
578Higgins, MathewChristchurchActive Plumbing & Drainage LtdSS7
588Paterson, John RChristchurchUniversity of CanterburySS7
595Daines, Allan JamesChristchurchSGS NZ LtdSS2, SS4, SS7, SS11, SS14.2, SS15.B, SS15.C, SS15.D, SS15.E, M, N, O, P, Q
601Koolen, BrandonChristchurchCompliance Fire Protection LtdSS1, SS6, SS7, P
617Wilson, Simeon JonChristchurchSouth Pacific Fire Protection Service LimitedSS1, SS2, SS3.A, SS3.B, SS3.C, SS4, SS6, SS7, SS13-3, SS14.1, SS14.2, SS15.A, SS15.B, SS15.C, SS15.D, SS15.E
618Cowles, James JChristchurchClyne & Bennie (1988) LimitedSS7
629Dooley, MarkChristchurchSouth Island Plumbing ServicesSS7
639Van Der Krogt, GarryChristchurchArgest Building & ComplianceSS1, SS2, SS3.A, SS3.B, SS3.C, SS4, SS7, SS14.2, SS15.B, SS15.C, SS15.D, SS15.E, P
649Evans, Doug RChristchurchSGS NZ LtdSS1, SS2, SS3.B, SS3.C, SS4, SS7, SS11, SS13-3, SS14.1, SS14.2, SS15.B, SS15.C, SS15.D, SS15.E, M, N, O, P, Q
658Love, GaryChristchurchCity PlumbingSS7
664Cloake, Michael WilliamChristchurchWormaldSS4, SS7, SS9, SS11, SS14.2, SS15.B, SS15.C, SS15.D, SS15.E
678Taylor, WarwickChristchurchCompliance Fire Protection LtdSS6, SS7, SS14.2, SS15.B, SS15.C, SS15.D, SS15.E, M
683Benzie, MatthewChristchurchH2Flow Plumbing LtdSS7
688O'Loughlin, LiamChristchurchMWO Plumbing & Gas LimitedSS7
717Wylie, ShannonChristchurchPlains Plumbing Gas & Drainage LimitedSS7
720Jakobi, JuergenChristchurchAquapro Plumbing & DrainageSS7
743Wilson, Mark HeathChristchurchWhitehead Plumbing & Gas LtdSS7
763Gerrand, Glyn DeanChristchurchProperty Force Limited T/A Selwyn GasfittersSS7
765Luisetti, Daryn JosephChristchurchWalton Plumbing LtdSS7
769Abeysinghe, ChathuraChristchurchC B Plumbing & Heating LtdSS7
772Piper, Anthony (George) StuartChristchurchSGS NZ LtdSS2, SS3.C, SS4, SS7, SS14.2, SS15.B, SS15.C, SS15.D, SS15.E
782Havea, FeteleniChristchurchAHI Carrier (NZ) LtdSS7
789Cummings, Delvan DeanChristchurchCBD Plumbing LtdSS7
807Philipse, Charl WillemChristchurchDewaters Plumbing & GasSS7
818Fox, Rory NicolasChristchurchRNR Plumbing LimitedSS7
822Gruindelingh, JustinChristchurchJAG PlumbingSS7
830Hudson, MichealChristchurchFoley PlumbersSS7
831Clayton, Luke WilliamChristchurchRNR Plumbing LimitedSS7
845Thomson, Kevin JamesChristchurchFFP Canterbury LtdSS1, SS6, SS7
848Webb, Daryl AndrewChristchurchSouthplumb LimitedSS7
849Hooker, Geoffrey ColinChristchurchBaxterfifteen Holdings Ltd T/A GG Don LtdSS7
868Pagey, Tristin TroyChristchurchDownerSS7
886Boot, Matthew NeilChristchurchAquapro Plumbing LtdSS7
899Unsworth, Kevin RobertChristchurchKevin Unsworth Plumbing LimitedSS7
912Roche, Don PatrickChristchurchHanlon Plumbing & Pipe Sevices LtdSS7
913Paton, Christopher AndrewChristchurchHanlon Plumbing & Pipe Services LtdSS7
922Cockrem, Ashley JohnChristchurchAJ Cockrem Plumbing & Gas LtdSS7
939Wright, Aaron JamesChristchurchSmartflow Plumbing & Gas LtdSS7
953Fine, Tayla GrahamChristchurchLaser Plumbing Christchurch WestSS7
960Van Eeden, PieterChristchurchHanlon Plumbing & Pipe ServicesSS7
968Dedman-Ngahiwi, DylanChristchurchFoley PlumbersSS7

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