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The Gambling Act 2003 required territorial authorities to adopt a Class 4 Gambling Venue and Board Venue Policy for their district.

Council consent is required for new premises (and sometimes for increases in machine numbers for existing premises) as part of the Gambling Act overall licensing process.

Class 4 venues use or involve gaming machines.

Meaning of Class 4 gambling

In the Gambling Act 2003, Class 4 Gambling is —

  1. gambling that is not gambling of another class and that satisfies the following criteria:
    1. the net proceeds from the gambling are applied to or distributed for authorised purposes:
    2. no commission is paid to, or received by, a person for conducting the gambling:
    3. the gambling satisfies relevant game rules; and
  2. gambling that utilises or involves a gaming machine; or
  3. gambling categorised by the Secretary as class 4 gambling.

In order to obtain Council consent, applicants must provide information so that Council is satisfied the Class 4 Gambling Venue and Board Venue Policy criteria are being met.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021