Seadown water supply Calculator

Seadown Water Supply

See How Much Your Water Application Will Cost

What information will you need?

For this calculation will need:

  • The total area of your property is hectares.
  • The total number of dwellings on your property.


Seadown water supply

Note this is not valid for Pareora Township or St Andrews Water Supply.

Area of property (hectares)

If You Do Not Have Your Property Area In Hectares, Convert Below.

Total dwellings
Is this a new connection?
Existing allocation (units)

If this is NOT a new connection you MUST enter your existing allocation above.

New / Additional Eligible Units (units)

If any.

Minimum storage (Litres)

1 Unit = 1000 Litres/day

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The value converted will automatically fill in the original field.

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Hectares (ha)

Your fees

You are not currently eligible for any more water under the current Seadown Water Supply Policy.

Application fee

(Timaru District Council)



(Units of water)



(Rejet Fee)



(New Connection Fee)


Total fees


Calculator disclaimer

Your total may be indicative only. Your invoice will be sent along with the issue of your Services Consent. Please note that this does not include the cost of physical pipework. You will need to get a quote from an approved contractor.

Last updated: 11 Dec 2023

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