Cemetery Memorials


Memorials may be erected to mark the grave of a loved one. These are the responsibility of the owner of the plot to erect and maintain.

Memorials including headstones and plaques must be constructed of an approved material.

In a memorial park cemetery a memorial may be no higher than 1.5 metres above the concrete beam on which it is mounted. It must also comply with the current New Zealand Standard.

A mowing strip of at least 50 mm must be kept clear along the front edge of the concrete beam. More details are contained in the Cemeteries Bylaw.

Specific sections of cemeteries may have a prescribed style such as Services sections or some ashes areas.

In the base of a memorial it is a requirement that allowance is made for a flower vase as glass containers are not permitted and other light weight containers can blow away in the wind.

This does not apply in the Services Section but glass vases may not be used and any vases must be kept clear of the mowing strip.

Only a monumental mason or specialist tradesperson(s) who are approved by Timaru District Council can undertake work associated with any monument in a cemetery.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021