Winchester Bridge


Situated alongside the Waihi River which winds its way from the Four Peaks Range through the picturesque town of Geraldine and onto the Opihi River near Temuka.

Winchester was founded by Major John Albert Young who built the first public house, The Winchester Hotel around 1863.  Major Young went on to build the Wolseley Hotel in 1884, which became a ‘favourite resort of trout fishers, and is visited by tourists and others from all parts of the world’.

The nearby Waihi and Opihi Rivers were ‘counted with the best trout streams in Canterbury’.  During the 1897-98 season, 2,662 trout were caught by visitors staying at the hotel with one notable basket taken by Mr. Opie of seventeen fish, one of which weighed 13½ pounds.

A wool scouring works was established in Winchester in 1869, which employed as many as 16 people and processed 1,500 bales of wool annually.

At the northern end of Winchester is a derelict three storey building on the western side of the State Highway.  This was once the home of the Winchester Roller Flour Mill, the first flour mill in Canterbury.

Source: Cyclopedia of New Zealand 1897-1908

Maximum stay 3 nights (please arrive after 4pm and leave before 10am)

Please camp responsibly:

Always use a toilet

Please don’t litter

Please dispose of toilet waste sensibly

Respect your fellow campers

Be prepared

Weather in New Zealand can change unexpectedly so make sure you check the forecast for any warnings and always carry appropriate provisions.

We appreciate your help in preserving the beauty of our District by camping responsibly and protecting our natural environment.

Please enjoy your stay.

Last updated: 16 Sep 2021